What is a Smart Plug? What are They Used For?

What is a Smart PlugWhat is a Smart Plug

What is a Smart Plug – Overview

Are you searching for a technology that helps in conserving the energy used by the devices when they are not in use? To answer this question, we first need to understand what a smart plug is.

A smart plug is a device that helps turn any of the current appliances and electrical devices into modified objects.

Once the smart plug is installed, we can communicate with other products present in your home.

The smart plug price ranges from $20 to $50, whereas for a basic smart plug it is lower. Higher improvements in the technology allow the manufacturers to churn out better products at a lower price.

According to survey reports, Smart Home Hardware projected market is the largest segment with a volume of US$84.5B in 2021.

The report shows that the market size reaches 138.9 billion by 2026 from 84.5 billion in 2021, with a hike of 10.4%. 

What is a Smart Plug and How It Works?

Smart plugs are machine-driven wired devices in your room. To establish it, you have to plug it into a vent and then connect it to your wifi network with the help of the given guidelines in the consistent app on your phone or tablet.

Then, to have control over the device, plug a wired appliance into a smart plug.

What is a Smart Plug and How It Works

What is a Smart Plug and How It Works

The presence of Smart Home Hubs like Amazon Echo or Google Home can also help connect a plug where you can enable voice communication like ” Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights”.

Smart plugs will not operate on 5GHz wi-fi networks. Instead, they need 2 GHz which is already present in most wi-fi routers.

If the smart plug is not giving the desired results, make sure it is connected to 2GHz. Smart plugs will only work for on-off devices.

If the device is not on standby mode, the smart plug will automatically turn the switch off and save a generous amount of energy and power but it will not turn it back on until it gets another voice command.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Plug

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Plug

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Plug

  • Indoor and Outdoor – Before buying a smart plug, one should acknowledge all the features related to the plug as the same plug cannot be used for indoor as well as outdoor lights.
  • Wi-Fi – Smart plugs connected to wi-fi are easy to install and do not need any additional hub.
  • Support – Smart plugs commonly support Alexa and google assistant. To bring it into action smart plug should be compatible with HomeKit and Apple devices. After the connection installation, one can give a command through Siri.
  • Time – Proper time and schedule should be managed to set up the activity performed at a specific time.
  • Compatibility – Smart plugs are sometimes not compatible with every device. Before purchasing one should go through the Watts for proper connection.

How to Connect Smart Plug to Wi-Fi?

Step 1: First and foremost, download the comparison app for smart plug by visiting the Google play store or the Apple app store.
Step 2: Plug smart plug into an outlet, the wi-fi light flashes green and orange rapidly. These lights indicate a wi-fi hotspot.
Step 3: When a companion app is launched, it will start searching for smart plugs available on the network.
Step 4: You will be advised to select the home network from wi-fi networks. Select and continue.
Step 5: Enter the wi-fi password.
Step 6: Once the wi-fi is connected, the app will pass wi-fi login credentials to the smart plug and test the connection.
Step 7: Once the smart plug is connected, the notification will pop up that a firmware update is required. Initiate the update process.
Step 8: Once the update is completed, a smart plug can be used. The simple control available on the home screen is required to turn your smart plug on and off.
Step 9: Another notification will pop up related to the schedule when to turn the smart plug on or off.
Step 10: There is an “away” mode where the plug will turn on the lights at night and off in the morning, this can make it appear like someone is home while you are on vacation.

Advantages of Smart Plug

  • Time Management – Smart plugs are time-saving devices. If the proper schedule is installed for its activation, every morning you will not have to wait for all the appliances to carry out the functioning on their own. You simply have to set the time in advance to turn on the appliance according to your need and they will be ready.
  • Reserve Resources – Saving electricity bills are the need of the hour. Smart plugs can control radiators, air conditioning and fans remotely and turn off and on the devices. Information on power consumption can be recorded by the models present.
  • Preservation – Smart plugs are also preserved from dangerous appliances. The risk of leaving an appliance plugged in and unattended is observed. The damage or any mishappening can be avoided. It is useful as one can protect their children from any dangerous device remotely.
  • Security – Smart plugs allow you to create presence simulations. The devices can be turned on and off throughout the day. It can also prevent intruders from sneaking into the home even if you are miles away.
  • Voice Support – Voice support can control the smart plugs in a way using only your voice.
  • Consumption support – Electricity consumption can be recorded by the models. One can get to know about the electrical units consumed. Proper usage of energy can be measured when required.
  • Cost – Smart plugs are affordable as the price ranges between $20 to $40.

Disadvantages of Smart Plug

  • Size – The size of the Smart plug takes up more space than simple plugs. Smart plugs are sophisticated and use a small screen that gives greater thickness to the devices. It occupies a lot of space.
  • Price – Smart plugs are more expensive in installation than simple plugs.
  • Functioning Time – To function the smart plug, sometimes in advance is required, to avoid any delay or misprogramming in programming proper schedule should be fixed.
  • Safety – Hackers can access the information and can target the subject.

What are Smart Plugs Used For?

What are Smart Plugs Used For

What are Smart Plugs Used For

Final Thoughts

Smart home marketing is a great trend and is growing fast, though the cost is still an obstacle for some to make their homes connected.

Smart plugs may not be the desired device to show off, but it is needed to make a connected home. Smart plugs give more access to save energy, save money and not have to worry about switches you turned on. You can let smart plug be brainpower, as you can have an eye on more things.

How’s that for peace of mind?

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