Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Does Ring Work With Google HomeDoes Ring Work With Google Home

Does Ring Work with Google Home?

Does Ring work with Google Home? – Well, the answer to this question is not straightforward and it depends on many factors.

Both Ring Doorbell and Google Home are modern smart devices that allow monitoring your property & performing other tasks.  

If you already own both Ring and Google Home then this article will walk you through the process of connecting Ring Doorbell to Google Home

And, also let you know, if Ring is compatible with Google Home.

What is Ring Doorbell? Is It Compatible with Google Home?

Ring doorbell is a smart, wirelessly connected device that helps you communicate with other connected home devices.

This device was created for home security purposes, and it is known as a home security product that incorporates outdoor motion-detecting cameras such as Ring video doorbells.

In contrast, Google Home is a powerful speaker and voice assistant that can play music, make phone calls, and so on. A voice command can be used to control Google Home.

Does Ring Work with Google Home? - Check NOW

Does Ring Work with Google Home? – Find Out

Does Ring Work with Google Home?

Here we have a million-dollar question. Does Doorbell Ring Work with Google Home? The answer is “Yes” when sharing information and developing a connection between these two.

These devices can do both. However, as these two companies are rivals, there may be some chances of compatibility errors.  Therefore, the functionality of these is two are somewhat limited.

For, instance there may be a video error that restricts the user from viewing video on the Google Hub Display.

What Ring Doorbell Features are Compatible with Google Home?

If you have Ring at your home, you will be curious to know what functions you can use with Google and whatnot.

There are many functions that you can use with Google, which are as followed:

  1. Motion Detection and its alert.
  2. Switching alert for ON and OFF.
  3. Last doorbell ring list.
  4. Talking to the Ring.
  5. To command Ring to start recording videos.
  6. Users can also ask to know the health status of the Ring Doorbell and Google Home will report its battery level.

Things that you can’t do with Ring and Google Home

1. Announcement of a Named Visitor

In comparison to its competitor Nest Hello, Ring Doorbell does not have the feature to recognize the visitor’s face.

2. When the Doorbell Rings, Live Streaming Begins

The ring has mentioned the ability to get a live stream from your Ring devices on Google Home devices. However, this feature is, at best, buggy.

3. Google Home Provides Two-Way Audio With a Doorbell

If you’ve looked into Ring doorbells, you’ll know that you can use Alexa to communicate with whoever is at your door. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Google Assistant.

You will still be able to hear your visitor if you stream the video to your Echo Show. The doorbell, however, does not communicate with Google Home devices.

How to Add Ring Doorbell to Google Home?

If you have a new device and are integrating it for the first time, make sure to download the Google Home App from the Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iPhone users.

Users of Apple devices must also download the Google Assistant from the Apple Store. There is no need to download this App because Google Assistant comes pre-installed on Android phones.

Now, follow the steps below to connect Ring to Google Home:

  • The first thing you should do is launch the “Google Home App.”
  • Right now In the upper left corner, tap the “+” icon.
  • Click “Set up the new device,” then “Have something already set up?”
  • Select your device from the list of available options.
  • Now, simply follow the instructions on the Application.
  • Google Home will request that you “Allow” the device.
  • Allow and then click on Done.
  • Furthermore, you also have the option to scan the QR code of the Ring Doorbell. Google Home will automatically get connected.

In case of any trouble, try the process again.

Is the Google Nest Hub Compatible with the Ring?

Google Home has limited capabilities with Ring cameras, but what about Google Nest Hub? The answer, like Google Home, is both YES and NO. While the two services can technically be linked, their functionality and interoperability are limited.

Is it Worth Buying a Google Home Hub to Use with Ring?

The short answer is NO because the things you can do with it are extremely limited.

If you already have a Google Home Display, connecting to Ring isn’t a bad idea, but purchasing a Google Home Hub to work with Ring isn’t recommended because other products are more compatible with Ring.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Google Home is compatible with Ring, but it is severely limited; you are better off getting a home hub compatible with Ring or a doorbell compatible with Google Home.

Because Google and Amazon are competitors, compatibility may never be perfect.

In the end, buy the product from the same brand, as it would not give you technical issues.

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