Best Video Editing Apps for iOS

Video Editing Apps for iOSVideo Editing Apps for iOS

Video Editing Apps for iOS

Camera phones just keep getting better and better, we can take amazing photos and videos just by using our phones.

iPhones are known to have one of the best built-in cameras to date.

If you’re a creator that uses your iPhone to take photos, especially videos for content here’s a list of video editing apps, in no particular order, that can turn your device into a mini editing machine.

We’ve listed the top 5 iOS apps that could be enjoyed by beginners and advanced editors.

1. VLLO – A free editing app. Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s free. It lets you export videos without a watermark, and you can export up to 4k in quality!

Too good to be true? Well, you’ll have to watch an ad so you can use it for free, it’s not FREE free, but free with ads. What’s a 30-second ad if you can use an app for free? There’s more.

This app has an Adjustment Layer, something that’s usually seen on professional editing software. It’s a big help because it lets you bulk apply any effects, color adjustments, and visual edits on all of the footage aligned to it.

It has a single layer that also shows its audio waveform. For anyone who’s on a budget, this app can be a great tool.

It has excellent color grading, texts, transitions, and all that. They also have a premium version that removes ads and unlocks more transitions, texts, and other advanced app features.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush – One of the most powerful video editing apps available for iOS. It has a good mix of beginner and advanced features.

This app has multiple tracks on its timeline for video and audio. The unique feature of Adobe Premiere Rush is it’s a cross-platform, cross-device application.

This means even if you start working on your Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer, you can continue working on your iPhone using Adobe Rush, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using iOS, Android, Mac, or PC; your files will be compatible anywhere.

It also supports many file types, and like other apps, it has built-in preset filters and texts that you can fully customize.

It only lets you export up to 3 videos for free; after that, you’ll have to pay for the app. They have different subscription types, where you can bundle Adobe Rush with Adobe Premiere or bundle it together with their entire Creative Suite.

3. iMovie – A simple and free tool available for download on the app store and works on iPhone or iPad.

This app lets you work and export up to 4k videos,  it has templates for creating trailers or editing a full video.

The interface is simple, user-friendly, has a single track, and has an extensive set of tools that can do all the basics.

You can add music, transitions and effects, which can fix shaky videos. It has preinstalled sound effects, and it has an automatic audio adjustment if your footage has a person speaking and you also add background music, and iMovie will lower the volume of your music automatically.

One of the not-so-good features is since it’s a single-track timeline when adding texts on, let’s say your first scene, you can’t extend it until the second scene.

It also automatically sets your footage in full screen; if you place an image with a different size, you won’t be able to scale it down to fit the entire screen; you have to edit that on a different app. It also adds an automatic cross-dissolve on each of your clips, so you’ll have to go and remove them individually.

Other than that, it’s a quick, intuitive way to piece together movie projects and includes everything you’ll need to create a short video.

4. LumaFusion – This is the best app I’ve seen for video editing. It’s even better than Premiere Rush.

It’s like a combination of Adobe Premiere and Final Cut but in the form of a mobile app. Oh, my goodness. It’s so nice! Unlike iMovie, this app just gives you a lot more control over things that you can do on your video.

It has multiple tracks for audio and video; you can adjust the audio per track, you can scale, rotate, move, and set keyframes, import multiple 4K videos and scrub through the timeline with ease, can record and add voice-over instantly, it has preset filters that can be adjusted, the color grading is excellent.

Everything that you’ll need to create a fantastic video is here.

The interface might be a bit overwhelming at first because of the advanced features that are included; you can freely customize the layout of it, whatever suits you, whether you’re working on an iPad or iPhone, you can customize it to the size of your device.

You can also archive your files to the cloud. You’ll love this one if you’re an advanced or intermediate editor. I haven’t seen any app that could come close to how good this is.

It doesn’t have a free version; it’s a one-time purchase, but this is already a bargain compared to buying video editing software.

As I’ve said earlier, this is like a combination of Adobe Premiere and Final Cut but as a mobile app. LumaFushion is simply a game-changer. Period.

5. InShot is a simple and fast editing software that lets you do basic video and photo editing.

It allows you to speed up or slow down your videos and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc, it also has a huge amount of customized effects and filters. It’s intuitive, the controls are self-explanatory, and anyone can use it immediately.

Your export will have a watermark for the free version, but you can remove it by watching an ad or simply getting the paid version. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone looking to edit their videos quickly.

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