Top 5 Alternative for Adobe Premiere Pro

Alternative for Adobe Premiere ProAlternative for Adobe Premiere Pro

What Video Editing Software Can Be Alternative for Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing software is widely used by different kinds of editors. There are vloggers, filmmakers, animators, marketers, and more.

With Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading names in the industry, it is considered as one of the best software available. It’s used by professionals that work on Movies, such as Deadpool, Gone Girl, A Ghost Story, Avatar.

It’s a very powerful tool, however, it’s very expensive. It’s a yearly subscription payment, which in the long run seems to be costly.

So, either you’re here because you’re looking for a cheap alternative, or you’ve seen reviews about Premiere and figured you want to try something else.  

Well, here’s our list of software that you can use as an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro.

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you don’t want overly complicated software such as Premiere or Final Cut, you can try Movavi. It’s a simple Video Editing Software that allows you to create fast videos with its built-in presets and effects that you can easily drag and drop and customize as you need.

Whereas in Adobe you do everything from scratch and you’ll have to buy presets (if you don’t want to make them), as only basic plugins are included in the software.

Movavi has the basic editing tools that you’ll need, there’s video stabilization, color grading, it also allows you to edit 4K videos.

It has a range of available presets of ready-made animated texts, icons, objects, filters, backgrounds, titles that are free to use, the interface is super easy to understand, very intuitive, and it’s way too cheap compared to Premiere Pro.

But based on that, this is a limited software, however, if you’re looking to create videos for YouTube, social media, and just want your content to look good and sound good, with some engaging effects, and transitions and don’t want to submerge yourself into hours and hours of editing and just don’t have the time to get into the nitty-gritty of video editing, Movavi Video Editor Plus is a fast and effective solution.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro, the key competitor of Premiere, and to be honest, it’s almost as good as Premiere Pro. Many pro video editors prefer Final Cut over Adobe Premiere because firstly it will cost you less.

Adobe Premiere Pro would cost 239 USD per year, while Final Cut is 299 USD one-time purchase. This is also, surprisingly, good software for beginners as it is one of the easiest software to learn, considering it’s among the top lists of professional video editing software there is.

It supports a wide range of formats and has excellent editing tools.

However, it only works on Mac, so if you’re a Mac user, this is a good option since Final Cut is specifically created for Mac users, meaning you will get the best possible performance out of this software.

That is maybe why some Adobe users that switched to Final Cut say it a lot faster than Premiere.

3. VEGAS Pro

For Windows users, you can skip software number two. This right here is a good alternative.

VEGAS Pro, formerly known as Sony Vegas, has been around since 1999.

At first, it was mainly an audio editing software, then over the years developed into an NLE (Non-Linear Editing) video software just like Premiere Pro and Final Cut.

When they were first starting, the controls could be limited but now, on their latest version, the VEGAS Pro 18, has added powerful tools like AI-supported effects, such as Colorization and Style Transfer.

Colorization instantly adds color to black and white footage and Style Transfer will turn your videos to look like it was shot and edited by professionals.

It has a user-friendly interface, is now more flexible, still much easier to understand and operate than Premiere.

However the rending is quite long. Their color grading has improved as well. Overall it’s a good mid-level software to edit your videos. It’s a one-time purchase and a solid alternative for users who prefers Windows.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a very powerful tool that works on both Mac and PC, and it has tons of features for video editings such as audio editing, color grading, motion tracking, effects compositor, noise reduction and many more packed in one software, compared to Premiere, (I’m not saying Premiere can’t do all these video editing stuff on its own, because it can).

It’s just that, if you want a more advanced and have more control in editing and compositing you’ll need separate software such as After Effects and Audition which will be an additional purchase.

DaVinci Resolve is specifically known for its high-level color grading feature.

I’ve worked with people that are from movie production houses and DaVinci is mostly what they use for color grading, and it’s for free. With the free version, you can practically do everything you need on a high level, so you might want to give this one a try.

5. OpenShot

Are you a Linux user looking for an editing app compatible with your system? The search is over. Here’s OpenShot, a FREE alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s a limited but pretty good software that allows you to create videos with animation, keyframing, time adjustment effects, audio editing, 3D rendering, filters, color adjustments, etc.

It’s an all-purpose video editing software for basic editing needs and a cross-platform video editor that supports Linux, Windows and Mac.

So, it depends on your needs. If you’re looking to create a more complicated video and want to create more customized graphics, animation, visual effects, then I think Adobe might be a sensible purchase.

But, if you don’t need all those extra stuff, and your concern is focused on video editing then these 5 software listed above is a great alternative for you.

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