Top 8 Most Popular Types of Vloggers on YouTube

Most Popular YouTube Vloggers

Are you here because you’ve finally decided to start your own channel, or, found out that there’s… money in vlogging? Or you want to know what category you belong to, or you just want to know what they’re called. We’ve listed down some of the most popular types of vloggers that are most watched on YouTube.

1. Beauty

If you’re into skin care, beauty products, makeup, hygiene, and just love trying out products for your face and body, this could be a great topic for you. There’s a wide range of viewers for this channel, from different age groups and walk of life. I for one have sought answers through vlogs and articles to gain proper knowledge regarding skin care, or if there’s a new product, honest reviews are really, really helpful.

  • jeffreestar (17.2M Subscribers)
  • NikkieTutorials (13.6M Subscribers)


2. Gaming

Perfect for Gaming Enthusiasts, this channel is where you go to watch walkthroughs, new game reviews, they also do unboxing of gears. If you’re playing a game and couldn’t get past a certain level, this kind of channel might help you out. If you want to build your own gaming setup, that’s also discussed on this type of channel. If you’re planning to be one, I think you should try not to simply show them the game, but also give reactions and commentary on the game as you play it, as it builds more engagement with your viewers.

  • Markiplier (27M Subsribers)
  • PewDiePie (107M Subscribers)


3. Travel

So you’ve booked a ticket to Bali, or Africa or Iceland. Now what? Travel blogs and vlogs are really helpful specially for backpackers. It helps them plan their trip, they get to have ideas on things to bring, what to expect, how to go from point A to point B. These vlogs can also be enjoyed by people who simply want to see other parts of the world without leaving their homes. If you’ve been traveling for quite some time now, I suggest you curate your photos and videos (Yes, I’m assuming that if you’re a traveler you take photos and videos) and start your channel. Who knows, your experience might be the answer to a wandering soul.

  • Hey Nadine  (490K Subscribers)
  • devinsupertramp (5.95M Subscribers)


4. Tech

Just like us, Tekno Wifi, the contents of these vlogs are focused on, not just the latest gears, but also the most effective ones, from phones, to computers, software, programs, and many more. They give critical reviews on products, the pros and cons. Come to think of it, these channels are the most useful one for everyone. They simplify terms for their viewers to understand.  Either you’re a hobbyist or vlogs for a living, or just someone who wants to be updated. Everyone has watched a tech channel or read a blog to get ideas on what’s the best camera, what editing software to use, what phone has the best camera, gears they should get, how troubleshoot your gear etc. 

  • Unbox Therapy (17.2M Subscribers)
  • Linus Tech Tips (11.9M Subscribers)


5. Health & Fitness

Just like some things in life, we are clueless about it. Often, people has wrong mentality regarding nutrition and being fit. Fitness vloggers helps us understand proper nutrition, what kind of diet will work for you, does calorie counting really matters, do you need supplements, different kinds of exercises and routines suited for your body, proper lifting and forms, good fat and bad fat, everything you need to know on how to be healthy can be found on these kinds of channels and nowhere else. If you’re a health buff and has passion for working out, this could be your niche.

  • Buff Dudes (2.32M Subscribers)
  • Gravity Transformation (2.98M Subscribers)


6. Cooking

From homemade dishes to haute cuisine, recipes can now be easily found online. Seek and you shall find. A dish like lasagna, can be cooked in so many ways. Anyone can actually go to YouTube and learn how to cook. But hey, these vloggers, not all of them are chefs. Some are self taught. Some even actually share their family recipes! So if you’re a homegrown cook don’t be discouraged. As long as you know your way around the kitchen, know your recipe by heart and can explain it very well to your viewers. You won’t have any problems.

  • Tasty (19.4M Subscribers)
  • SORTEDfood  (2.41M Subscribers)


7. DIY

These are those short but satisfying videos you see online, Like the 5 Minute Crafts. Or life hacks that you don’t even think was possible or would actually make sense. Many people had expectations vs reality moments because of these videos, lmao, but these are really one of the most engaging videos there is. It’s like watching a magic trick that you can apply in real life. (well, attempt to) If you are blessed with gifted hands and can do these kinds of crafts, please start your channel and bless our eyes and stimulate our minds. (a fool proof, step by step guide would be greatly appreciated btw)

  • 5-Minute Crafts (68.6M Subscribers)
  • I Like To Make Stuff (3.03M Subscribers)


8. Lifestyle

If you want to vlog about all the topics on this list and more, then you’re fit to be a Lifestyle Vlogger. If you want to have this kind of close relationship type with your viewers, and want to open your daily life with them, your adventures, funny moments in your life, personal interest, then go right ahead. A mix of everything is always fun!

  •  CaseyNeistat (12.2M Subscribers)
  • Lele Pons (17M Subscribers)


Finding out what your niche is, is just one of the things you’ll need, to hopefully help you identify yourself in this limitless world of videos.

To also help you get started with your setup for vlogging, here are 5 things that you’ll need. You might want to check that out.

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