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Optimum vs Xfinity

ISPs and cable companies are among the most hated companies globally, and for a good reason; quality of service.

Most ISPs have a lot to claim during their ads and promotions, but they lack the same features they claim to have when you subscribe.

This is why people are a bit skeptical when choosing ISPs and can’t wrap their heads around one.

However, you still have to subscribe to one of them because it’s unimaginable to stay at home without internet connectivity.

So while you’re at it, why not try and pick an ISP that delivers on some of the aspects it promises. A comparison of the top ISPs in your area would be to your advantage.

It’s for this reason that two of the biggest ISPs in America, Optimum Internet, and Comcast Xfinity are the subject of this article.

So let’s look at where both these companies excel and fail when it comes to internet provision.

Where Can You Get Altice Optimum and Comcast Xfinity?

When it comes to coverage, Comcast Xfinity is the clear winner. You see, Optimum is available in only four states, namely Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and New York.

Comcast Xfinity, on the other hand, covers a total of 40 states, but its speeds are a bit low because it’s entirely a cable ISP as opposed to a fiber internet provider.

Some of the states where Xfinity falls short include California, Colorado, Maryland, Oregon, and Utah.

How Do Speed and Prices for Altice Optimum and Comcast Xfinity Compare?

The Biggest advantage that Optimum has over Xfinity is its expanding fiber network, although it’s not as extensive as its cable network.

In addition, optimum’s fiber internet plans are relatively cheap and priced in line with its cable internet plans.

Xfinity has only one fiber internet plan that costs 300 dollars a month, putting it out of range for most people.

Packages from both Optimum and Xfinity offer similar download and upload speeds, but there are several variations when you get into the fine print.

The tables below demonstrate their differences and similarities with regard to pricing and speeds.

Optimum PlansPrice Max Download SpeedMax Upload SpeedType
Optimum 300 $40.00/Mo300 Mbps30 MbpsCable
Optimum 500 $65.00/Mo500 Mbps40 MbpsCable
Optimum 1 Gig $75.00/Mo940 Mbps50 MbpsCable
Fiber Internet 300$40.00/Mo300 Mbps300 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 500$65.00/Mo500 Mbps500 MbpsFiber
Fiber Internet 1 Gig$75.00/Mo940 Mbps940 MbpsFiber
Xfinity PlansPrice Max Download SpeedMax Upload SpeedType
Performance Starter$65.00/Mo50 Mbps5 MbpsCable
Performance$80.95/Mo100 Mbps5 MbpsCable
Performance Pro$39.99/Mo200 Mbps5 MbpsCable
Blast!$59.99/Mo400 Mbps10 MbpsCable
Extreme Pro$69.99/Mo800 Mbps15 MbpsCable
Gigabit$79.99/Mo1200 Mbps35 MbpsFiber
Gigabit Pro$299.99/Mo2000 Mbps2000 MbpsFiber

If you’re torn between Optimum and Xfinity, you most likely reside in Optimum’s tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

However, the greater New York area is covered better by Xfinity, and the company’s pricing in that area requires a bit of clarification.

Also, the prices on Xfinity’s introductory performance and performance starter plans might seem expensive, but there is a reason.

You see, neither plan comes with a contract which means you’ll be paying more per month compared to other Xfinity plans, but you can abandon your Xfinity plan at any time. Also, you won’t have the planned price hike after the first year.

Are There Monthly Charges for Optimum and Xfinity Equipment?

Both Optimum and Xfinity offer you their own leasable equipment.

Optimum’s Gateway 6 attracts a flat rate of 10 dollars per month, but it doesn’t have the same level of hardware integration as Xfinity’s xFi Gateway.

However, the Gateway 6 is Wi-Fi-ready which offers you with better wireless performance.

Xfinity’s xFi Gateway attracts a flat rate of 14 dollars per month and works well with other Xfinity devices such as XFi Pods.

So if you’re planning on getting extra hardware, the XFi Gateway could be a plus so that you don’t need to worry about compatibility later on.

Both the Gateway 6 and the XFi Gateway are convenient options if you don’t want to cover the maintenance cost of internet gear.

However, it’s always advisable to get your own 3rd party Optimum compatible or Xfinity compatible modem router to save on leasing charges.

What’s Customer Service Like for Both Optimum and Xfinity?

Optimum’s client support is not very dependable; the quality of service is hit-and-miss. In most instances, you’re forced to wait a long time to speak to an agent on the phone.

On the other hand, Xfinity is a marvel of efficiency, and you should be able to find answers to most of your queries on their site.

The site also has a Q&A section where you can find replies to queries that other clients had asked previously.

If you don’t find an answer to the exact query you had, you can get in touch with Xfinity’s client support team via e-mail or their toll-free number.

Their support team is quite helpful, and they should solve any issue you might be having in a couple of minutes.

Final Thought

All in all, both Altice Optimum and Comcast Xfinity are worthy internet service providers.

However, if you consider all the above factors, Xfinity is the absolute winner based on value for money and extensive coverage. But, don’t discount Optimum Internet just yet; it has better prices and offers both cable and fiber internet plans.

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