5 Best Food Videographers

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5 Best Food Videographers

Are you looking for a food videographer? One of the best ways to create excellent quality food videos would be to hire a food videographer. They can effortlessly create food videos for you while maintaining their quality.

Food industries see a considerable benefit in food videography as it can enhance their business. Digitally distributing food videos can attract clients to your business.

As per a survey (the US, 2020), 71% of respondents stated digital transformation is essential to business agility. Food videography is also a great way of digitally enhancing your food business.

As great as it seems, people often get confused about how to find the best food videographer. It’s not a matter of getting stressed over. All you have to do is check who provides the best services.

We have a list of the best food videographers through which you can decide on one. Let’s get to it.

Best Food Videographers to Choose

The most challenging task for businesses to promote their food business would be choosing the best food videographer. We are here to help you with that. Look at the list below and choose one per your requirements.

1. YUM Creative

YUM Creatives comes with incredible options to make your food go viral and even get converted. They can help you with their experts in food styling and videography.

They know how to add life to your food and thus create attractive videos. They can create food videos for you that will go viral. The key areas they focus on to make your videos perfect include.

  • They will create the best video content strategy for you by understanding your requirements and creating a plan. The research would include your goals, competitors, target audience, and more.
  • Then, they create the script and video story per the customer’s requirements.
  • After that, they prepare and start the video shooting to offer the best food video.
  • Then, they index the videos to make them the best and offer tips to get the most out of them.

2. Small Films

Another exceptional food photographer to choose from is the small films. They can create mouth-watering video content through their marvelous skills.

They have expertise in food videography, which results in creative and excellent-quality content. They are exceptional food videographers who can assist you with the following:

  • Film directors have expertise in creating content for food videos.
  • Videographers with specialist food background
  • Experts with skills in food styling, designing, and art directors, as well

3. Andrew Gooi

Andrew Gooi is a Malaysian-born and US-based food videographer. He creates excellent food videos and is even the creator of food talkies, a collection of exceptional food stories and culinary arts.

He believes every food comes with a story, which he presents through his videos.

Having made several food videos, Andrew knows how to add life to them with his exceptional skills and expertise.

4. Splento

The Splento team is a first-class food videographer who can provide high-quality food videos. It’s perfect for increasing the visits to the cuisine of a restaurant, cafe, online grocery store, culinary video blog, interactive website, etc.

They have experts who know exactly what and how to make videos wonderful and show the aroma and taste of the food through the video.

Their videographers know how to add, process, and combine the colors of products, dishes, and drinks to make them look realistic, bright, and mouth-watering.

They would even select the perfect food props that contrast the food color, and they always focus on fine detailing.

5. Julho Media

Another exceptional food videographer out there is Juleeho Media. Their services are exceptional, and they always aim to tell the story through their videos and photographs. They take a strategic approach to assisting businesses.

They can assist businesses with different types of food videography, including video clips, soothing recipe videos, upbeat recipe videos, brand awareness videos, cinematic cooking videos, and whatnot.

They provide the perfect video solutions to the client’s requirements.

How to Choose a Food Videographer?

Often, people find it difficult to choose the best food videographer. However, all it needs is keen eyes and knowing what you want. Some of the tips or ways to choose the best food videographer are as follows:

  • Customer service

If you want the food video to be the best, You must interact and communicate with the videographer. Hence, look for a videographer to suggest making the video, what to add, what not to, and more. Also, they should communicate with you in a friendly manner.

Check whether they provide effective customer support through their website or online reviews.

  • Check your requirements

Knowing the type of video you would like to be filmed matters a lot. If you want a short clip of food or beverages, check whether the food videographer can do that for you.

If you want a cinematic recipe or food video and the videographer can’t do it, you will face problems. Hence, knowing what you want first is crucial here.

  • Check their packages

Check what type of packages they can offer and at what price. You can also create your budget and check whether their packages seem good. What’s more, if you understand what’s included in their package, you will understand the coverage you will get for the given price.


Choosing the best food videographers can be tricky, but the best part is that you can find one with the right technique.

Above are some of the best food videographers you can get online. Our best pick is Splento, as they are the best-in-class food videographers in the USA.

They provide top-notch videos as per your requirements. However, the mentioned food videographers in the list also work exceptionally, and you can choose anyone you like.

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