7 Best Food Photographers Around the World 

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In today’s digital era, we all love to get photographs of the food items that we order in restaurants.

Did you know there is a special category in photography for food photographs? Photographers who capture lively images of food items and recipes are known as food photographers. If you want to get inspired or want to become like them, then here’s the list of the world’s Best Food Photographers.

To take the perfect shots of the food dishes, you need to learn some tricks from professional food photographers at the initial stage.

It’s a tricky business and you must know about the most basic photography tricks while capturing the shots of food dishes or items that you order from the restaurant or prepare by yourself at home. Get on to the list now!

Best Food Photographers

1. Christina Greve

Christina Greve is a renowned professional photographer masters in food photography. She also provides photography education through her official website. With thousands of active followers on various social networks, she is one of the most popular food photographers in the world.

Christina Greve

Best Food Photographers Around the World – Christina Greve

If you want to become a professional food photographer, then you can get the free five-day food photography course from her official profile.

Christina Greve Instagram

2. Healthy Laura

Healthy Laura is a specialist in food photography. She’s an active food photographer and offers photography education through her e-books which you can get from her official website.

She’s also active on Instagram where she posts her food photography skills with shots and short videos. Catch her now on Instagram.

Best Food Photographers Around the World - Healthy Laura

Healthy Laura

Healthy Laura on Instagram

3. Broma Bakery

Who doesn’t like cake and bakery items? We all consume different types of bakery items daily. Be it bread, pastries, cakes, muffins, etc. Broma Bakery provides recipe booklets to bake your own bakery items at home.

Broma Bakery

Broma Bakery

Apart from this, she also keeps herself active on Instagram where she posts eye-catching photographs of her recipes. She’s a blogger, a food photographer, and a teacher.

Broma Bakery Instagram

4. Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani is yet another renowned photographer who has been providing his services to many organizations.

Currently, he is an active contributor at NYTimes, where he shares his knowledge on photography. He has a special bond with food dishes which made him a professional food photographer.

Best Food Photographers Around the World - Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani

Being an active contributor to many popular press agencies, he also keeps himself active and shares regular pics of his work to make people inspire. He clicks live shots of everything especially the monstrous Lobsters. Catch him now on Instagram!

Andrew Scrivani Instagram

5. Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a professional photographer. He is from an artistic side where he creates innovative scenes to capture the best of shots. He became famous for his extraordinary artistic skills in photography.

Carl went to an Art school to learn about illustration; however, he ended up becoming a food photographer by adding some skills on his own. She’s an inspiration to all the newbies who have just started their careers in photography.

Carl Warner

Carl Warner

Being a creative person, he is fond of creating his own plots to capture unique images of different types of food dishes and items such as pizza.

He spends hours of time setting up the plot before capturing the perfect shots. He feels privileged to serve people with his photography skills. Meet him on Instagram!

Carl Warner Instagram

6. Linda Lomelino

Linda Lomelino introduces herself as Call Me Cupcake. Yes, she owns a website with the same name where she blogs about her experiences while making different types of recipes. She loves to cook different types of food dishes and also loves to capture the perfect food shots.

Linda Lomelino

Best Food Photographers Around the World – Linda Lomelino

She’s an author of cookbooks with multiple recipes of your favorite food dishes. The website contains special categories which you can explore as per your preferences. You can find her photography works by visiting her Instagram profile.

Linda Lomelino Instagram

7. CreateCookShare

Fulfill your food craving by following the CreateCookShare profile. This profile is there for those who are concerned about their health. Health is real wealth and for that reason, we all should pay attention to what we eat and how we can improve our health. The answer is by consuming healthy foods.

Best Food Photographers Around the World - Create Cookshare

Create Cookshare

CreateCookShare offers a free booklet of healthy recipes. You can visit the official website to get a free booklet.

There are special categories for food lovers who can follow the recipes and prepare delicious and healthy dishes daily. Check out her work on Instagram through her camera lens.

CreateCookShare on Instagram


No matter whether you are a professional photographer or just a foodie soul, you will definitely get inspired by these people and their work. You can follow their social network profiles or can get inspired by their work by visiting their personal websites.

They post new blogs about new recipes, healthcare tips, and much more. We hope that the above list helps you to regain your interest in food photography.

You can share your favorite food photographer’s name so that we can add him to this list. See you soon!

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