How Do I Improve The Quality of A Photo?

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How do I Improve the Quality of a Photo – Overview

You can always upgrade a picture to full HD, even if the image is old, saved from your old phone or hard drive, or downloaded from the internet. Improving the quality of that picture can preserve your memories and allow you to experience them all over again.

Improving the quality of your picture and changing some compression details can transform your picture into HD or ultra HD. It can improve the picture frame, and you can use it in different areas.

If your picture is compressed, it can affect the JPEG artifacts, blur, and other elements of that picture. It can also reduce the file size simultaneously.

Multiple applications and websites are available where you can improve the quality of your picture and use them for different purposes.

Quality Improvement at Fotor

The AI photo enhancer of can increase the resolution of your image, sharpen its detail and colorize the picture for free. Here, you can clear your blurry pictures and enhance their quality automatically.

For incredibly sharp results, Fotor’s potent AI image enhancer has trained AI enhancement algorithms for a long time. You can transform your low-resolution pictures into high resolution with just one click.

The Fotor AI enhancer automatically adjusts the image’s color, brightness, and sharpness. You can edit any photo you want with just one click, no matter what it is.

Here are a few steps to improve the quality of your picture using Fotor –

  1. Open Fotor’s photo enhancer first, then add the image you want to edit.
  2. Next, you have to click on “1-Tap Enhance” at the left sidebar. Your photo’s quality will be automatically improved while remaining unaltered.

You can always customize your picture using different tools available, including contrast, brightness, highlights, exposure, saturation, sharpness, shadow, curves, and others.

You can compare your original photo with the edited one using a unique feature that Fotor offers. All you have to do is click on the ‘Compare’ button at the bottom of the page. You can always reset your editing if you do not like something specific in your edited picture.

When you are done with editing, you may download the completed image in the format of your choice.

5 Steps for Quality Improvement in Canva

You can use the online image enhancer of Canva to improve your favorite picture. You can use Canva to repair anything, including poor lighting, color intensity, contrast adjustment, and saturation, resulting in crisper and more defined images.

Step 1: Upload the image

First, you need to open Canva. You can choose any of their existing templates or add a new project from scratch. Drag your preferred picture onto the layout after uploading it. Also, Canva includes a stock library from which you may select your image for editing.

Step 2: Enhance the Picture

Choose the photo to use the online picture editing tools and click Edit image. Use the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation sliders to enhance the image’s quality even more and achieve the desired visual aesthetic.

Step 3: Explore Photo Effects and Filters

To create your desired picture, you may use various filters and effects. You may freely modify the intensity for more customized effects or instantly select Auto Enhance to produce a balanced shot.

Step 4: Add Some Final Touches

You can crop, resize, and flip your picture according to your wish. The massive media library of Canva can allow you to add some text, insert different graphic elements, and put borders on your picture as well.

Step 5: Download or Share

After you are done with your edit, you can download your edited picture in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. You can also share the picture via social media or email.

You will find multiple tools to adjust different features, including brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, etc.

When you are through making the modifications, you may save or share the image on several platforms.

Quality Improvement in Picsart

You may enhance the resolution of your blurry photo with Picsart. Even with all the recent improvements in mobile technology, phone cameras are not nearly capable of taking high-quality pictures. You can not compare a phone’s photo to those captured with a high-end professional camera. You may not be able to understand the quality of your picture from your phone’s screen.

You may use the Image Upscale tool to significantly improve the resolution and quality of your self-portraits, group shots, landscape photos, and every other photo.

The AI technology in Picsart can identify the areas of your image that require improvement. You can enhance your image’s colors, tones, and every other aspect here.

1. First, upload the picture you want to improve to Picsart. You can upload up to three pictures here to try the Image Upscaler.

2. Next, you need to upscale the size of your image. All you need to do is set up a target width and height at the top.

3. You can use the powerful Picsart editor to enhance the upscale image and add some new components like text, stickers, and other effects. Picsart offers multiple tools that you can use to improve your image.

4. After you are finished, save your work using the Export button in the upper right corner. You can download or share the edited picture or even get it printed.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Picture on Mobile?

You can always download multiple easy-to-use applications from the Google Play Store or App Store for your Android or iPhone. Once the application is open, upload the image of your choice and select “Edit Image.”


It is not very difficult to increase picture quality. There are multiple options available online that you can follow to enhance your picture and preserve your beautiful memories forever.

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