The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography 

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Wedding Photography Tips

Photography has become the most popular career choice as people invite professional photographers for many occasions.

When it comes to photography, wedding photography comes first in everyone’s mind. Wedding photography has its perks which is why most professionals like to choose wedding photography as their career.

If you want to start with wedding photography, then the complete guide to wedding photography is given in this article.

What is Wedding Photography?

Wedding Photography includes multiple events of weddings. The wedding Photographer captures precious moments of the couple and makes lifelong memories for them.

Wedding Photography includes a pre-wedding shoot, the main ceremony, a wedding shoot, a reception, etc. The wedding photographer’s job is to take the best pictures possible of the event.

What is Wedding Photography

What is Wedding Photography

Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers keep a dedicated camera bag for the event. The camera bag or we can say the Camera Kit includes a variety of accessories to help the photographer capture the precious moments of the couple.

The following list helps newbie photographers decide what types of accessories are essential for the event.

The Camera

The camera is the most crucial piece of equipment for a wedding photographer. One needs to choose a reliable camera that is compatible with different lenses (see also the best wedding lens for Canon). The camera that you choose must also support different types of accessories.

The following things must be checked while choosing the camera for wedding photography.

  • High Resolution
  • High ISO Range
  • Built-in AutoFocus
  • Good FPS
  • High Image Quality
  • Extra Memory Card
  • Extra Battery
  • Battery Charger
Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography

Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography

Compatible Lenses

Wedding Photographer needs to capture different types of shots from different angles. For that reason, he has to keep a couple of compatible lenses handy. Canon and Nikon have almost all types of lenses available for professionals.

Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography - Compatible Lenses

Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography – Compatible Lenses

You can search for suitable and compatible lenses from their product catalog and pick the best ones for your profession. If you do not have enough budget to invest in lenses, start with the one that you receive with the camera.


Lighting plays a vital role in capturing the best shots. Expensive DSLRs come with a built-in flashlight to capture photos in low light.

However, in professional photography, the built-in light is not enough. The photographer should keep an external flashlight handy that comes with a dedicated stand.


Equipment to Use for Wedding Photography – Flashlight

The flashlight that you choose helps you to add the perfect light wherever required. Modern flashlights come with light-controlling features that make it easier to add the required light while shooting.

The Camera Bag

The camera bag comes with multiple storage sections to store accessories such as the camera, lenses, batteries, and other accessories safely. The following things must be there inside your camera bag.

  • Main Camera
  • Compatible Lenses
  • Batteries
  • Clothes for cleaning the main camera and lenses
  • Flashlight
  • Tripod
  • Battery Charger
  • Memory Card
  • Business Cards for promotion
  • Extra clothes
Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Wedding Photography Tutorial

A wedding photographer is a person who manages the whole event for the couple. He needs to take care of the locations, costumes, shoes, dressing area of the couple, backgrounds, and more.

Besides this, he has to keep the wedding ceremony in mind and follow a strict schedule throughout the event.

Wedding Photography Tutorial

Wedding Photography Tutorial

The bride is the primary subject of wedding photography. The photographer must take pictures of the accessories, dress, hairstyle, ornaments, wedding ring, etc.

Communication with the bride makes things easier for the photographer to capture what she wants.

Besides Bride, the photographer should not forget about the groom. Help him get ready and dressed up with the suit, tie, and cufflinks.

Make a list of ideas about the photographs with the groom and groomsmen.

A full family photo with the members of the bride and groom should also be captured by the photographer. All the family members must be captured in a single frame in different poses.

Final Tips:

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a successful photographer. Constant learning of new techniques is what makes an ordinary photographer a professional photographer.

Follow successful photographers on different social media to know about their innovative techniques.

Communicate with them, take part in photography events, and build up your community to grow yourself.

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