The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist (70 Key Elements)

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Wedding Photography Checklist

After your wedding is done and dusted, the photos will become memoirs to relive that special day for your entire life.

Photos have a way of capturing the most beautiful and awkward moments. So, how can you ensure all crucial moments are captured during your wedding?

For starters, you can make your wedding photography checklist.

Most photographers have their list of crucial moments they capture during weddings, but you can talk to your photographer and find out whether or not they accept wedding shot lists.

Depending on their style, some photographers will have a personalized template of the moments to capture.

However, some photographers love being spontaneous, and they capture special moments as they come.

But you might have key elements or people you want to have in your wedding album, thus why you should have a checklist.

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up the ultimate wedding photo checklist from the bride walking down the aisle right down to the dance floor.

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist Includes the Following:

Getting Ready

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

From the bridal party getting dressed to close-up shots of sentimental pieces such as family heirlooms, there are many great moments to be captured before the wedding starts.


  1. Close-up shots of the wedding dress when displayed on a hanger.
  2. Still-life shots of the bridal accessories, such as the veil, jewelry, and shoes.
  3. The bridesmaid outfits.
  4. Flower pieces such as corsages and bouquets.
  5. Close-up shots of the wedding rings.
  6. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
  7. The groom’s outfit and accessories, such as ties and shoes.
  8. The groomsmen’s outfits and accessories, such as ties and shoes.
  9. Wedding gifts.


  1. The bride wears her outfit with the help of her mom or the Maid of Honor.
  2. The bridal party is getting ready, including hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes.
  3. The bride is getting her veil attached.
  4. The bride looks into a big mirror.
  5. The bride with her bridesmaids.
  6. The bride with family and friends.
  7. The bride is pinning a boutonniere on her father.
  8. The groom is getting ready.
  9. The groom and groomsmen were all dressed up.
  10. The groom and best man adjust each other’s ties.

Before the Service

  1. The alter.
  2. Wedding invitations and décor
  3. Scenery (if outdoors, see also outdoor wedding photography ideas).
  4. Visitors arriving.
  5. Visitors are sitting down.

During the Service

There are endless special moments in a wedding, but if there’s one part of the wedding where a checklist comes in handy, then this is it.

  1. The groom and groomsmen arrive.
  2. The bridesmaids arriving.
  3. The flower girl and ring bearer.
  4. The bride and her dad, before walking down the aisle.
  5. The groom is waiting for the bride to come in.
  6. The groom’s reaction to seeing the bride.
  7. The bride walks down the aisle.
  8. The dad gives away the bride.
  9. The bride and groom with the officiant.
  10. The exchange of vows.
  11. The exchange of rings.
  12. A close-up shot of the bride and groom’s hands with the rings.
  13. The bride and groom are declared officially married couples.
  14. The first kiss as a formally married couple.
  15. The visitors’ reaction to the kiss
  16. The bride and groom are declared officially married couples.
  17. The bride and groom sign the wedding register.
  18. The bride and groom walk down the aisle as a couple.

After The Service

Wedding Photography Checklist

The period between the wedding service and reception is usually when all the posed wedding shots are taken.

There are so many differences in shots depending on the location the photos are being taken at. Here are some concepts to get you underway.

  1. A full-body shot of the bride facing the photographer.
  2. A full-body shot of the bride facing away from the photographer.
  3. The bride with her parents.
  4. The bride with the Maid of Honor.
  5. The bride with the bridesmaids.
  6. The bride with the groomsmen.
  7. The groom with the parents.
  8. The groom with the Best Man.
  9. The groom with the groomsmen.
  10. The groom with the bridesmaids.
  11. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man.
  12. The bride and groom kiss.
  13. The bride and groom have a quiet moment together.
  14. The bride and groom with their parents.
  15. The bride and groom are close acquaintances.

The Reception

Wedding Photography Checklist

  1. The wedding cake.
  2. The head table of the reception.
  3. The room before and after visitors arrive.
  4. The bride and groom arrive.
  5. Toasts to the couple from family and friends.
  6. The cake cutting.
  7. The bride and groom feed each other cake.
  8. The bride and groom feed their parents cake.
  9. The maiden dancing.
  10. The bride dances with her dad.
  11. The visitors dance.
  12. The bouquet toss and catch.
  13. The exit.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, you can’t capture every moment during your wedding, but at the very least, you can try to make sure that the most important moments are captured.

The photo checklist illustrated above will ensure you have the ultimate wedding photo album.

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