Windows 11 – The Amazing New PC Features Coming This Year

Windows 11 OSWindows 11 OS

Windows 11 Features

Finally, Microsoft officially announced a new Windows 11 OS after 6 years of the release of Windows 10 that took place in July 2015. Microsoft says there are currently about 1.3 billion devices running on Windows 10. The Windows 11 OS is being called next-generation Windows that comes with new designs and features. In the Microsoft virtual event on Thursday company’s chief product officer, Panos Panay talks about new generation windows that enhance user experience along with productivity. The main focus for new Windows is a simplification of the user interface along with the Windows app store that can natively run Android apps effortlessly.

Windows 11 App store

Windows 11 App store

The whole aesthetic is a very refreshing and new design pretty looks glassy and transparent. It’s now brighter and lighter along with a centered task manager, looks much attractive and user-friendly. You can do multitasking with new window management controls.

Windows 11 Features

New Centered Task Manager

There is a new Start Menu in Windows 11 that can be movable and you can shift this to the left. Here you get a list of the most recent apps which can be rearranged accordingly. Below in this, you will get apps or files cloud-powered recommendations that Windows thinks you need next. For example, if you have checked Spotify on your phone, It will pop up on your PC or Laptop.

New Windows Management Controls

Windows 11 comes with new windows management controls where you can select (Maximize button) different snap presets to do multitasking. It’s very helpful for people who work with multiple windows open all the time. It especially increases the productivity of the work.

External Monitors

Generally, when you unplug your laptop with an external monitor all the different opened windows gather on your laptop. In Windows 11, it will be not happening guess what, when you unplug the external monitor it minimizes all the windows in the task manager and when you reconnect it will be open again at the same place.


Now on Windows 11, you can swipe over and will see widgets layout where you can see all the latest news, social media and weather information. Here you will see the widgets customize by AI, it will sooner become better as it learns you.

Android Apps on Windows

The main headline of Windows 11 can run Android apps natively on the Microsoft App store but this is not the whole story. Actually, this is possible due to the collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon. If you search for Android App on the Microsoft app store then you have to log in to the Amazon app store to download it. Microsoft said in a blog post.

Microsoft hasn’t tied up with Google, then how is Microsoft providing support for Android apps without any help from the Google Play Store? The answer is simple because of the third-party app store. It means you will not get the entire range of Android apps hosted by Google.  There are some chances that you can’t get access of famous Apps and Games on your Windows 11 OS. Also, there is not much clarity yet on how many apps will be available on Windows app store.

How to get Windows 11 OS

Microsoft promised that Windows 11 available as a free update to existing Windows 10 users by end of this year. Windows 11 can be installed with a minimum of 64 gigabytes of storage and 4GB of RAM.

If you wants to use Windows 11 OS then you can check it from Windows Update option.

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