Wyze Lock Google Assistant Integration Rolled Out with New Update 

Wyze Lock Google Assistant Integration Rolled Out with New Software UpdateWyze Lock Google Assistant Integration Rolled Out with New Software Update

Wyze Lock Google Assistant Integration

There are many smart devices available in the market to make our home security more convenient.

Wyze Lock is one of the most popular smart locking systems providing the best security to your home. The top-rated smart lock has received the much-awaited Google Assistant integration with the new update.

Yes, Wyze Lock receives the much-awaited update that brings the integration for Google Assistant. The official patch notes released by the company mention the availability of Google’s voice assistant.

Wyze Lock Smart Lock

Wyze Lock Smart Lock

Wyze Lock lacked Google Assistant, unlike other smart locking systems. But with the latest update, the Wyze Lock can now be integrated with Google Assistant which means you can now use the lock and its features using your Voice Commands through Google Assistant.

With Google Assistant support, you can now lock and unlock your main door using your voice command. Isn’t it great? Since Google Assistant is a widely adopted virtual voice assistant service, it is available for all types of smart devices. It comes as a default voice assistant on Android devices.

Wyze Lock was launched in the year 2019. It was supporting Amazon’s Alexa assistant only. Last year, the company promised to bring virtual wireless keyboard support as well as support for Google Assistant with the upcoming update. After a few months of their official announcement, the Wyze Lock has officially received the update with Google Assistant.

Interestingly, the new update to the Wyze Android app has received the Google Assistant integration feature. You can integrate it with Google Home using your Android device’s Wyze app.

If you have a Google Home smart hub installed, you can now use Google Assistant to open and close the main door where Wyze Lock is installed. You can use Google Smart Speaker or Android Smartphone to take full control of the Wyze Lock.

You have to set up the Wyze App first to make it work for you on your Android device. The following steps will show you how you can enable Google Assistant on the Wyze app to control the Wyze Lock and other Wyze Smart Devices.

How to Enable Google Assistant on the Wyze App?

  • First, you have to set up the Wyze device in your Wyze app. You can follow the user manual to set up and configure your Wyze device to the Wyze app on an Android device.
  • Now, make sure that the Wyze Device and the Wyze app are up to date. You can check for the latest firmware update by visiting the Account and Firmware Upgrade.
  • After upgrading the firmware, go to the Play Store and download the Google Home app. Configure the app as per the device’s requirement.
  • Now, launch the Google Home app on a respective Android device.
  • From the top right corner, select Add button.
  • Now, tap the Set up device option to set up your new Wyze device and integrate it with Google Assistant.
  • Select the Works with Google option from this page.
  • From the Wyze Listing, select the Wyze Lock. Make sure to log in using your Wyze Account’s credentials while adding your Wyze Lock device to the Google Home app.
How to Enable Google Assistant on the Wyze App

How to Enable Google Assistant on the Wyze App

Note: Google Assistant will automatically fetch the available devices once you are logged in to your Wyze account. All you have to do is just select the device and set it up to the Google Home app.

Before you set up your Wyze Lock with a Google Home device, you need to know how to set up your Wyze Lock PIN to lock and unlock the door and do other basic tasks.

To unlock or lock down the door using Google Assistant, you have to speak up the PIN. This might be a little risky for the security of your home as you have to speak out the PIN to make it work with Google Assistant.

What’s new in the Updated Wyze App?

The wyze app is a hub for multiple Wyze devices. Wyze products are widely adopted and there are numerous products available on the market to make an ordinary home into a smart home.

The app update brings Google assistant support for the Wyze Lock. The same update brings a unique Vacation Mode to the Wyze Bulb and a no-go zone rotation for the Wyze Robot Vacuum.

Take Away!

Most of the Wyze Products listed on their official app now support Google Assistant after an update. To make this feature work for your Wyze products, you have to update the Wyze app from the Google Play Store. Go ahead and update the app, follow the above-given steps to integrate the Wyze Lock with Google Assistant.



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