WhatsApp to Allow Users Send Messages Without a Phone

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WhatsApp, everyone’s favorite messaging app, is now testing a new feature that will let users send messages without a phone. Yes, you heard that right. You will soon be able to send messages on WhatsApp without using a Phone. 

WhatsApp is currently available on Android and iOS devices as well as on Windows and Mac PC systems. Users are allowed to use WhatsApp on the PC through the WhatsApp web. However, only one account can be operated by the users which are linked to their mobile phone’s number. 

The new feature of WhatsApp will let users of the WhatsApp web send messages when their phone’s battery is dead. At presently, the WhatsApp web doesn’t allow you to send messages when the phone is not connected to the Internet. 

WhatsApp on PCs, tablets, and Smartphones

WhatsApp on PCs, tablets, and Smartphones

Furthermore, the official statement says the same feature will let users use one WhatsApp on up to four different devices. Users will be able to use WhatsApp on PCs, tablets, and Smartphones. 

Just like the previous features, WhatsApp’s this new feature will be released for a small group of users as a beta version. The beta edition of WhatsApp will be rolled out with this new feature. The team of developers will further add new features and functions to the app and also make necessary changes to the existing features requested by the beta testers. 

legacy architecture

legacy architecture

The new edition of WhatsApp will keep the end-to-end encryption feature active. This means there will be no issues regarding the data leak. Many other messaging apps have the same feature and now WhatsApp has decided to bring the same feature for its users on the global platform. 

Send Messages Without a Phone

Many users get frustrated when it comes to sending messages from their web without a phone. Sometimes, the phone’s battery got dead or the Internet connectivity on the phone is not stable. This new feature was already requested by the testers and common users which is finally taking shape. 

Life of a message - multi device

Life of a message – multi device

Facebook’s engineer took to Twitter to announce the development of their new feature. As per his tweet, “You Will Be Able to Send Messages on WhatsApp Without a Phone” The official tweet is embedded here: 


If we talk about the current edition of WhatsApp, it uses the smartphone as a primary device which means you have to keep your phone and Internet activity to be able to send messages from the web. The web app has many drawbacks reported by regular users. The new edition of WhatsApp will make the web version of the app more stable. 

WhatsApp multi-device Architecture

Moreover, the existing version of WhatsApp is compatible with only one companion app. When you try to connect the already connected WhatsApp to any other device, it will be disconnected automatically from the web. The company has noticed this drawback and now working on a solution to resolve this issue. 

“The new WhatsApp multi-device architecture removes these hurdles, no longer requiring a smartphone to be the source of truth, while still keeping user data seamlessly and securely synchronized and private,” the company said.

The new version of WhatsApp will give a specific identity to each device. This means users will be able to connect multiple devices of the same mobile number and will also be able to send messages from these devices. WhatsApp will keep the data of the same number used on multiple devices. 

WhatsApp will not have to store the chat history and other user’s data on their server. Users will have to store the data on different devices as per their requirements. 

The security specialist at a reputed anti-virus company Eset, Jake Moore released a statement saying no matter what type of security is used by the company, having messages on multiple devices can attract security issues. We will get to know more about the same once the beta edition is released as we will start getting feedback from the beta testers about the same. 

The new feature will have many drawbacks and abusers and stalkers will use this new feature to their advantage. They can create multiple endpoints to get into synchronized private communications between the users. Many of them might have started working on breaching the security paths of WhatsApp. 

Users will have to be more cautious as there will always be a security issue when you are connected to the web. Social engineering is evolving and so do its misuses. While using such features, users need to be aware of the connected devices under their cellphone number. 



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