WhatsApp Releases New Guidelines for those who will not accept their new policies

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WhatsApp is all set to roll out a new policy for its mobile application. After receiving negative feedback from the users, WhatsApp has delayed the implementation of its new policy.

However, the Instant Messaging giant is all set to roll out the new policy anyway.

They have released new privacy policy guidelines which you should know if you are using WhatsApp on your mobile phone. 

If you haven’t heard about this new policy on WhatsApp and want to know about what happens to your WhatsApp after this new privacy policy rollout, then this article is for you. 

WhatsApp has decided to roll out its new Privacy Policy from 15 May. The company has updated the list of its FAQs to answer the most frequent questions asked by users. The FAQs section provides all the information that you may want to know. 

What happens after the rollout of the new Privacy Policy Guidelines?

Before the public dispute on the new privacy policy, WhatsApp claimed to delete your account if you do not want to accept their new privacy policy.

However, after receiving negative feedback from the users, the company has decided not to delete your account post-May 15 i.e. the new rollout date for their privacy policy. 

You have two options: 

  1. Accept the Company’s Privacy Policy guidelines before May 15
  2. Download your Chat History and delete your WhatsApp account and jump on to the new Messaging app. 

The company has further added that your account will not be deleted if you do not accept their privacy and policy guidelines.

However, some of the functionality and features of the app will be limited for those who do not accept their new privacy policy update.

It means you will have to accept it if you want to use WhatsApp and all its features and functions.

What happens after the rollout of the new Privacy Policy Guidelines

What happens after the rollout of the new Privacy Policy Guidelines

If you fail to accept the policy update, you will be able to receive phone calls but not be able to read or send messages. 

Furthermore, users can export their chat from Android or iOS platforms. There will be an option to download the report of their account as well.

Besides this, there will be an option to delete the WhatsApp account permanently.

However, you will not be able to restore your account once deleted, the company cautioned their users in their updated FAQs section

If you are not sure about your WhatsApp account and its future use, you are requested not to delete your account.

For uninterrupted and hassle-free services, the company is urging its users to accept its terms and policy. You will not have to face many difficulties as soon as you accept their new policy. 

Moreover, the company has also updated the guidelines for those who remain inactive on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp accounts that are inactive for more than 120 days will be deleted automatically. 

Interestingly, WhatsApp keeps the data stored in your mobile phone as it.

This means even if you delete your WhatsApp account from the device, the photos, and videos stored on your device will remain as it is.

You can still access the photos and videos from your mobile phone’s gallery app. 

If you wish to re-register a new WhatsApp account on the same phone, the already stored WhatsApp data will be re-appeared on the app. 

WhatsApp has decided to add a few features to the app for those who are still confused about their new policy update.

They aim to clear misinformation about the app so that they can accept their privacy policy guidelines and can use the application without interruptions or limitations of its features. 

If you wish to jump on to the new platform, then there are many platforms available with even more features and functions than WhatsApp.

Telegram is offering a bunch of extra features than WhatsApp. 

Interestingly, the app now lets you migrate your WhatsApp Chat history as well.

Yes, you can migrate your WhatsApp Chat history to Telegram from WhatsApp as Telegram provides an option to bring back your WhatsApp Chat History if you are using the same mobile phone. 

Users can migrate WhatsApp Chat including documents and media files i.e. photos and videos. It supports both personal chats and group chats.

It’s a good alternative for those who don’t wish to accept the updated privacy and policy.

Facebook and WhatsApp will work together for their online transactions as they aim to provide a hassle-free shopping experience through their payment gateways.

The new terms claim to merge Facebook and WhatsApp’s payment gateways by sharing the users’ transaction details. 

To make people aware of the new privacy policy guidelines, WhatsApp to add a banner poster within the app to clear the doubts and misinformation in the coming weeks.

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