Scosche Introduces a Travel-friendly Foldable Charger for Laptops and Tablets

Scosche Introduces a Travel-friendly Foldable Charger for Laptops and TabletsScosche Introduces a Travel-friendly Foldable Charger for Laptops and Tablets

Traveling can be fun only if you have enough resources with you. If we talk about today’s scenario, we travel with plenty of tech gadgets to record things or to click out some stunning photos.

Many people work during their traveling trips on their laptops.

If you are searching for a reliable charger for your travel journeys, then Scosche has introduced its new travel-friendly and foldable charger that provides enough power to recharge your tablets, laptops, and all the other devices.


Scosche Introduces a Travel-friendly Foldable Charger

Scosche Introduces a Travel-friendly Foldable Charger

The ongoing CES 2022 event brings innovative tech devices from big electronics brands. Scosche is one of the most trusted electronics brands in the world with a range of devices. The company has introduced a revolutionary device called a foldable charger.

The new AC-DC travel charger from Scosche is what you might be looking for! This travel-friendly charger is designed to suit all your needs while traveling and working together in your car.

This foldable charger makes it possible for you to recharge your laptop’s battery through your car’s power outlet.

Yes, you heard that right. You can easily use the car’s power outlet to convert the power output and make it compatible to recharge the battery of your laptop.

If we talk about modern cars, the new generation cars come with plenty of useful features to keep the devices recharged.

They come with built-in wireless charging pads, USB ports, and other options. If your car doesn’t have such features inside, then you need not buy a new car just for these features as you can use compatible accessories to bring those features to your old car.

Your car’s built-in power outlet delivers the power of up to 5 watts, which is not sufficient to recharge the battery of your laptop.

You can recharge USB-compatible devices such as your smartphone or tablet device, or you can even recharge other micro USB and USB C compatible devices through a compatible USB cable.

You can’t recharge bigger devices and gadgets such as your laptop’s battery or camera’s battery through the built-in power outlet of your car.

About Scosche’s Travel Charger:

The company has introduced the new Scosche PowerVolt 30W Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger during their conference at CES 2022. The charger features a pair of parallel prongs.

These prongs can be plugged directly into your standard 110W AC power outlet. What’s unique about this charger is it comes with a folded car adapter.

The folded car adapter is located at the backside of the charger. Users can plug this adapter into their car’s power outlet.

This adapter delivers up to 30 watts of power through the car’s built-in power outlet.

This power adapter provides sufficient power to recharge smartphones as well as bigger gadgets and devices such as gaming consoles and laptops.

If we talk about the built-in quality, the Travel Charger looks stunning in its matte black color. The sturdy build quality of the charger makes it a winner.

Its foldable design makes it even more appealing. We are awaiting the official video and hands-on pictures of this new Travel Charger. Hopefully, we will get to see the official hands-on pictures of this charger soon.

Scosche PowerVolt 30W Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger: Release Date

We all know about the new variants of coronavirus that have been spreading across the globe. Many countries have re-imposed lockdowns to stop the spread of the new coronavirus variants.

This situation has made the manufacturing department work with half of their staff.

Many industries are facing shortages of raw materials, employees, etc. They can’t produce their products as per the demands and for that reason, there is no release date announced by the company.

We are not sure about the actual release date of Scosche’s PowerVolt 30W Travel Charger.

Just like Scosche, many companies have introduced their future devices and technologies during the ongoing CES 2022 i.e.

Consumer Electronics Show 2022 and none of them have announced the release dates of their gadgets. However, we will come to know about the release date of the newly introduced gadgets very shortly.

The Pricing:

Interestingly, Scosche has revealed the pricing for their new PowerVolt 30W Power Delivery AC-DC Travel Charger.

The new Travel Charger from Scosche is priced at $45. We expect it to be released sometime in Spring; however, there is no official statement or word regarding its release date stated by the company.

We will keep you updated with new information about Scosche’s new PowerVolt Travel Charger.

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