Apple is Fixing iPhone 13 Pro’s Irritating Problem

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Apple released its new generation iPhones i.e. iPhone 13 a couple of months back.

The company has made various changes to the new generation of iPhones. Out of all the changes, the most significant change that the company has made is with the cameras.

Several users of the iPhone 13 Pro have reported an irritating problem with the camera app. Well, Apple has already acknowledged the problem and is now trying to fix it.

We all know that the new iPhone 13 Pro features three camera lenses for taking professional photos.

The new iPhone 13 Pro features an improved telephoto lens and a brand-new cinematic mode for taking portraits. The company has also introduced an impressive feature called Macro Photography.

The new macro photography comes with limitations. Users can’t have full access to this feature even if they own the latest iPhone 13 Pro smartphone.

What’s the issue?

iPhones are known for their cameras. As soon as you have an iPhone, you don’t need to have a digital camera. With the latest iPhone 13 series, the company has made significant changes to its camera features and of course the lenses. The new iPhone 13 Pro features three different lenses for taking different types of shots including the Macro Shots.

Recently, several users of iPhone 13 Pro have reported an issue with the native camera app regarding their popular Macro Mode feature. What users have found here with Macro Mode is the lack of access. Users don’t have enough access or we can say control over this feature. The Macro Mode on the iPhone 13 Pro keeps on changing itself while taking a photo which is quite irritating.

iOS 15.1 Update: The Existing Update

When you launch the native camera app on an iPhone 13 Pro, the device keeps on changing its modes automatically as per your device’s movement.

The company has already released a new iOS update after the launch of their new generation iPhones i.e. iOS 15.1.

Yes, the new update is already up and it has fixed several problems reported by the users including the irritating automatic modes switching issue.

iOS 15.1 Update- The Existing Update

iOS 15.1 Update- The Existing Update

Once you upgrade your iPhone 13 Pro with the latest iOS 15.1, you would be able to take full control of the Macro mode by using the Settings menu.

Macro mode now offers better control to users for taking quality shots on their iPhones. The Settings menu now lets you enable or disable the Macro Mode on the native camera app.

The update brings a new Macro Mode option within the settings menu. It features a toggle button that lets you enable or disable the Macro mode while using the native camera app.

If you don’t want to use this mode for casual photography, then you can simply disable this option so that the native camera app won’t turn to Macro mode automatically.

When you disable the Macro Mode, you have to do a little practice for taking the Macro Shot while the actual Macro Mode on the device is disabled.

You have to focus on the object by enabling the ultra-wide camera of the device manually. And for taking the macro shot, you have to zoom in on the object using the touchscreen.

This is how you can take the macro shot on the iPhone 13 Pro with the built-in Macro Mode feature disabled.

What’s Apple is Bringing?

To overcome this issue, the company has now begun working on the new update i.e. iOS 15.2. The new iOS 15.2 is reported to have a new dedicated Macro Mode feature within the native camera app.

This means users will be able to change the camera mode manually right from the native camera app just like the other camera modes.

This new update was first spotted by 9to5Mac as the company has rolled out this new Macro Mode feature on their native camera app with their beta 2 iOS 15.2 update.

Users that have upgraded their devices to the beta 2 iOS 15.2 have posted their feedback regarding the Macro Mode.

As per their feedback, they have found that they are now able to use the Macro Mode easily with better control within the camera app’s screen.

They have found the new feature quite impressive as they don’t need to go to the Settings app to disable or enable this feature. Moreover, the feature doesn’t require them to get closer for taking the macro shot.

When your device is able to take the Macro Shot, you will see a little flower icon on the top side of the camera screen.

When you tap on this little flower icon, it will enable the Macro Mode.

Before you get to use this feature automatically within the native camera screen, you need to go to the Settings menu and toggle off the Macro Settings option.

Go to the Settings>> Camera>> Auto Macro and disable this feature.

About Apple’s Upcoming iOS 15.2

We get to know some information about Apple’s upcoming iOS 15.2. Since the update went live as its beta version, we have come across to know about some significant changes that the company has made for the new generation of iPhones.

About Apple’s Upcoming iOS 15.2

About Apple’s Upcoming iOS 15.2

The new iOS 15.2 is a big update as it will fix a variety of issues on the latest editions of the iPhone. The update is already fixing the Macro Mode issue on the supported devices along with the new set of features including the Digital Legacy.

The new message feature comes as a privacy feature that will blur down the nude and explicit contents.

The new child-safety feature will provide resources to identify abusers.

The Find My app will also receive a major update that will help you track down unknown trackers nearby your device.

We all know that the Macro Mode feature is not that important; however, it is quite useful to those who are actually using this mode on their iPhones.

iOS 15.2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no specific release date for the new iOS 15.2 declared by Apple. However, the new update is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The company has already provided the second beta version of it to developers and testers. Hopefully, we will get to see the new iOS 15.2 at the end of this current month.

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