What is a Cloud IP Camera ?

What Is a Cloud IP CameraWhat Is a Cloud IP Camera

Internet protocol cameras (IP cameras) are the more accessible and manageable cameras that allow you to store recorded data via the Internet. These cameras require no local storage and can be easily accessed and installed.

On the other side, cloud IP cameras are the ones that offer free cloud storage space for their customers. Besides being easily accessible with your Android or IOS device, they allow you to store tons of data in the form of images and videos captured.

Basic features

  • The Cloud IP cameras come with high-quality resolution. Most of them have a 1080P resolution that serves on par with the current industry standards.
  • Again, the cameras are 100% wire-free and easy to install and remove.
  • You will get the night vision with the most explicit nighttime videos. They can give a crystal clear image even in dim light conditions.
  • The cloud IP Camera storage will enable you to access the recordings anywhere with the help of specific applications.
  • Certain cameras come with an accurate motion sensor that will give no false alarm in any case.
  • You will get the availability of the secured online IP Camera cloud storage along with the local storage.

Functionality process of cloud IP camera

The IP cameras capture images in a similar way as the digital camera. These cameras foster the compilation of the files and then transmit over the network the IP cameras. The wired network connected via ethernet cable to the broadband modem or router fulfills the purpose. These cameras also give a wireless connection via a Wi-Fi router.

Setting up the cloud IP camera

Setting up the IP Camera is relatively simple and requires nothing more than a network connection. You have to take the time to configure the camera. The majority of the IP cameras on the market are now available for configuration to provide life-giving operation. They are capable of continuously recording. Specific events and suspicious situations trigger these cameras.

Advantages of using an IP camera

The images captured by the IP Cameras can be viewed later as per your comfort zone and convenience. All you require is an internet connection. You can use a PC, laptop, or mobile phone to watch them.

In many cases, you will also get the option of viewing video footage and listening to audio streaming functionality.

There are controls for monitoring the cameras remotely. The IP cameras work as a preceptor security solution that will require nothing more than an internet connection. You will not even require coaxial cables, a computer station, or wired electricity.

You can utilize them on a temporary or permanent basis and relocate them as and when required. The IP cameras are now available for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides this, you also get day and night functionality. On the other side, there are also options for pan or zoom.

The camera is available for remote operation via the operator command. Whether you’re looking for covert security or overt, you will get the IP Camera for suitability as per your preferences.

Cloud vs. IP cameras-difference

IP cameras are now commonly employed for surveillance and, unlike CCTV cameras, are designed for receiving data via a computer network and the internet.

From the cost point of view, the IP cameras are cheaper when compared to the cloud-based alternatives. This happens because there is no additional cost associated with the maintenance of the cloud video platform or installation of other interfaces and the addition of accessories.

HD vs. IP cameras-difference

HD analog cameras are more secure since they turn on the closed circuit. They do not require access to the IP address. On the other hand, IP cameras can be accessed directly with the help of the Internet.

So they are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities. However, due to the convenience factor in terms of the effortless setup and affordable installation, the IP cameras are favorable.

Summing it up

Shortly, IP cameras will be more accessible when compared to CCTV cameras because of their power to transmit video capabilities over single cable cameras.

There is no cable cost requirement, making them more effective than CCTV and others.

The high-end features and capabilities of these cameras are son going to take over the traditional analog systems. Still, we will keep updating you regarding all the updates happening in the same context.

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