Triple Monitor Setup | How to Quickly Setup 3 Monitors

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Triple Monitor Setup

Configuring a triple monitor setup requires ensuring your computer’s hardware compatibility, appropriate connections, and some settings adjustments.

A triple monitor configuration helps workflow management by making it simple to transition between multiple tasks.

As a result, buying three extra monitors for your PC will help you stay organized and productive.

For instance, if you’re the kind of person who loves to run many programs on their computer, having all of them open on one screen can quickly clutter it.

But when you have three displays, you can open emails on one display, surf the web on the second, and maybe open your socials on the third.

Therefore, regardless of your work, a triple-monitor setup will help streamline your workflow.

If you want a quick and easy setup, the Thunderbolt 3 is one of the most used docking stations for triple monitor setup.

Let’s look at how to implement a triple monitor setup.

Check If Your Computer’s Hardware Supports a Triple Monitor Setup

First, ensure your computer’s hardware supports a triple monitor setup.

To find out what graphic card you have:

To check your graphics card, right-click the Windows Start button, select ‘Device Manager‘, expand ‘Display adapters‘, right-click your graphics card, and choose ‘Properties‘ to view its capabilities

Once you have your GPU (Graphic Card Unit) information, go to the manufacturer’s website or search for the name of your graphic card, followed by ‘3 monitors‘.

Check for the Display Ports on Your PC

On the back of most desktop GPUs are at least two video-out ports, allowing you to connect multiple displays.

On the other hand, most laptops feature a DisplayPort, HDMI, or USB-C connector. You can use an external docking station if your PC doesn’t have enough ports for a triple monitor setup.

The cost of a docking station capable of connecting three monitors varies based on features and brand. Prices can start from around $100 to over $200 for more advanced models.

Triple Monitor Setup - External Docking Station

Triple Monitor Setup – External Docking Station

An external docking station provides a centralized solution for connecting multiple monitors to your PC with minimal cable clutter.

It comes with a single USB cable that connects to your PC, after which you can connect all three monitors to the docking station’s available ports.

It’s a simple configuration that doesn’t need too many cables. However, keep in mind that docking stations don’t come cheap.

USB Adapter

How to Setup 3 Monitors On a Laptop

USB Adapter

You can get a USB adapter if you don’t want to spend 150 bucks on a docking station. This adapter is usually connected to a PC via USB and monitors via multiple HDMI ports.

USB adapters may not be suitable for high-end gaming or graphics-intensive tasks due to potential graphics performance and power delivery. Why is this? Because USB adapters don’t have dedicated power ports meaning, the experience isn’t good enough.

Triple Monitor Setup Process

Now that you’ve checked the ports on your desktop or laptop and displays, it’s time to establish the connection. To do this

1. Connect one end of your cable, such as HDMI, to the screen and the other to the computer. If you’re using an adapter, connect the USB cable to your PC and then connect the HDMI cables to the available ports.

2. Next, connect all three displays to power.

3. Now, switch on your PC and click the Windows OS Start button.

4. Next, click on the Settings icon. This is the gear-shaped icon situated on the lower-left side of the Windows OS ‘Start’ menu. This will launch the ‘Settings’ menu.

5. Now click System on the ‘Settings’ menu on the home screen.

6. Then click on Display on the next screen.

7. Next, scroll down to Multiple Displays and click on it.

8. A drop-down menu should appear. Click on Extend these displays to extend your PC’s display using the three monitors.

9. If you do not see all three monitors represented in the display settings, click ‘Detect‘ to ensure Windows recognizes each connected display.

10. Now click Identify to see the monitor represented by each box. Drag the boxes however you like to rearrange and match your physical setup.

Once you’ve arranged the monitors to match your physical setup in the display settings, click ‘Apply‘ to save your configuration. If prompted, click ‘Keep Changes‘ to confirm and finalize your settings. This ensures your desktop extends across all three monitors as intended, providing a seamless multi-monitor experience.

How to Setup 3 Monitors On a Laptop

How to Setup 3 Monitors On a Laptop

Final Thought

To summarize, you can connect external monitors to your computer regardless of the OS.

You may encounter one or two problems during the configuration process, but if you carefully follow the steps above, your triple monitor setup should work seamlessly.

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