How to Setup Netgear Wifi Router?

How to Setup Netgear wifi RouterHow to Setup Netgear wifi Router

Setting Up Netgear Wifi Router – Overview

Wireless internet routers offer a hustle-free way of connecting tablets, TVs, laptops, smart home systems, and appliances, as well as computers to the internet without needing wires.

With a wireless start-up kit, you can easily connect your home or office to the internet.

Netgear is a renowned brand for reliable wifi routers and has created the first-ever, fastest wireless router.

The Netgear products support an array of internet services including Ethernet, Wifi, LTE and powerline. 

The brand focuses on delivering reliability to its clients, including the ability to set up your Netgear connection on your own.

Various methods can be used to set up a Netgear wifi router. If you do not have a desktop computer, you can set up the network from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can use any of the below from these devices.

Installing Netgear router using a wireless device

How to Setup Netgear Wifi Router

Start by plugging in the Ethernet cable connected to the DSL or modem to an internet port on the Netgear router. Switch on the modem and wait for a connection to be established.

The flickering light will stabilize once the connection is complete.

Power the Netgear router and wait for the connection process to complete, indicated by a stabilized LED light on the router. 

Check the bottom or back of the router for the preset settings.

Go to the wifi connection manager on the wireless device you are using to set up the router.

Locate the network name of the router. Click on the network and type in the password on the router when prompted.

Go to an internet browser and locate the Netgear genie.

If it does not automatically appear, you can type (or) to access the network. Login with the default username and passcode (admin and password).

The Netgear genie will take you through the configurations settings to install the Netgear router.

Installing Netgear router cable connection using a smart wizard

Connect the modem to the port on the Netgear router and a computer through the LAN ports. Power off the router, modem and computer and power then back on. Wait for the booting process to complete.

Go to a web browser and enter IP address or http://192.168.01. Log in to the router using the default user name ‘admin’ and default password ‘password.’

If these credentials do not work, you can try other passwords or change the details.

Activate the setup wizard screen by clicking on the use wizard option. Follow the prompts to allow the wizard to find the internet connection.

Click on ‘next’ for the wizard to save the settings.

Do not attempt to change the default settings unless you have unique DNS information from your ISP, which must be configured.

Click on router status to check if there is a connection to the internet. Check to ensure the correct IP address is indicated on the IP address field.

How to Setup Netgear Wifi Router

How to Setup Netgear Wifi Router

Using the Netgear genie to configure a Netgear DSL Modem router

Using the DSL microfilter, Connect the DSL Netgear port to the router to the phone line.

Connect the computer to the DSL modem from the LAN ports using an Ethernet cable, connect the router to a power socket, and wait for booting to complete.

Open a browser to access the Netgear genie setup.

If it does not automatically appear, you can type in http://192.168.01 or in the address bar to activate the genie window. On the window when prompted, click on yes to allow the genie to help.

Click on the option next at the bottom of the page to go to the next configuration step. Select your country from the list and click on next.

The wizard will automatically detect the type of connection.

The DSL connections will also be detected as PPPoA/PPPoE, and require login details to connect to the internet.

Your ISP will avail login details to make it possible to access the service. Type in the username and password then click next.

The router will automatically apply these settings. You can check if you can access the internet through the ‘take me to the internet’ option.

Should these configurations settings fail, you should contact your internet service provider (ISP) to check if you have the right login details.

Try again with the new credentials to complete the setup process.

Setting up a Netgear wifi router is easy when you have the right steps to follow and the correct login credentials. You can always reach out to company support for further assistance.

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