How to Access iCloud Photos?

How to Access iCloud PhotosHow to Access iCloud Photos

How to Access iCloud Photos?

Apple is known for its exceptional services and tools, making it the world’s best tech brand. Apple offers a variety of free-to-use services to its users, such as Airdrop, iCloud, iMovie, Music, QuickTime Player, and many others. All of these services are free for every Apple user, and they come with subscription options.

If you are worried about your photos, Apple has its cloud storage platform, iCloud. But how to access iCloud Photos? Everything you need to know about iCloud and its usage is given in this article.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service that helps users store their most important files over the cloud, such as photos, documents, and other data. iCloud comes as a default app on every iOS device. You can enable this service from the Settings menu to automatically save your photos, videos, and data.

The best thing about this service is it keeps your photos and videos backed up in the cloud. You do not need an iOS device to view or access the photos and videos stored in the cloud. However, you can still view photos and videos on the device using the default Photos App. iCloud website helps you access the backed-up data over the cloud.

Before we access iCloud Photos, let’s see how you can enable iCloud auto backup service on an iOS device. You need to enable the iCloud service on your iOS device to start backing up photos and videos. You can customize the backup options as per your choice.

How to Enable iCloud Photos on iOS Device?

iCloud service is a default service on an iOS device, i.e., iPhone and iPad. You can enable this service by following these steps.

3 Steps to Enable iCloud Photos on iOS Device

Step 1: Launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Select the Photos option.

How to Access iCloud Photos - Select Photos Option

Enable iCloud Photos on iOS Device – Select Photos Option

Step 3: You’ll see iCloud Photos with a Toggle button. Tap on the Toggle button to enable iCloud auto-backup service.

Enable toggle button

That’s all you have to do to enable iCloud Photos service for auto backup of your photos and videos over the cloud. Likewise, you can enable this service on multiple iOS devices.

How to Access iCloud Photos?

You can access iCloud photos in two ways- on your iOS device and on your computer system. Let’s find out more about both ways in detail!

Method 1: Access iCloud Photos on iPhone/ iPad

Step 1: Open the Photos app

Go to the Applications menu and open the Photos app.

Step 2: Explore the Photos and Videos

Tap on the Albums option from the lower panel. This will show you the available albums, including the most recent photos and videos and other photos and videos that are stored on your device.

Method 2: Access iCloud Photos on a PC System

Step 1: Launch the Web-browser

Open the web browser app on your computer system.

Step 2: Launch the Website

Go to to open iCloud’s website.

Step 3: Sign into your iCloud Account

You’ll be asked to sign into the iCloud website. Enter the Apple ID and Password to proceed further.

Access iCloud Photos on a PC System – Sign in to Apple ID

Step 4: Select the Photos app

You’ll see several apps on this page. Select the Photos app from here.

Access iCloud Photos on a PC System – Select the photos

Step 5: Explore the Photos

The photos and videos stored on the iCloud app are on your computer’s screen.

That’s how you can access the photos stored over the cloud on iCloud’s platform. iCloud offers 5 GB of free space for every user. If you want more storage, you can buy their monthly subscription plans. It will give you more storage space, which you can utilize to back up your photos and videos.

Final Words:

Most Apple users are unaware of iCloud service and its usage. They don’t know how to back up photos and videos and how they can make use of this service. Now, you can access the photos stored on iCloud on a computer system. You need to remember your Apple ID and Password if you want access to your photos and videos.

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