How To Use Nikon Coolpix B500

The Nikon Coolpix B500 easily outscores its counterparts with some cool features and controls onboard. Still, you must update yourself regarding how to use Nikon Coolpix B500 before starting ahead with its handling and usage.

Setting up the camera menus on Nikon Coolpix B500

You have to turn on the camera. There, you will get the language selection dialogue box. Press on the selected options that are customized for highlighting the language. Now press on Ok. For selecting the languages available or changing it any time later, get access to the language changing option.

You have to press the menu button when you will see that dialogue at the right-side displayed. There, you have to highlight the home time zone and press on the button OK. You can use the up and down arrow keys for choosing the date format. Now press on ok. You have to enter the current date and time and then press on OK. For setting additional fields, press the arrow keys for highlighting “yes” and press on Ok.

Basic shooting and playback


For shooting images, you will be getting the auto mode that will enable you to perform the general shooting in a variety of shooting conditions. You have to rotate the mode dial to the camera option. Then, the battery level indicator is available for marking whether the battery is high or low. Now you have to hold the camera steadily while doing so. Keep the fingers and other objects away from the flash, flash, AF assist illuminator, lens microphone, and speaker.

As soon as you complete this step, frame the picture. For that, move the control on the sides on the control for changing the lens position. In case you lose sight of the subject while shooting, you have to press on the snapback zoom button that will be widening the visible area.

To give you the required flexibility while framing, put the subject in the easy to capture position. After this, press the shutter release button Halfway. While doing that, you will be feeling the slight resistance when the subject turns to be in the focus.

The focus area or the indicator will have the glowing light in green. When you are using the digital zone, you can see that the camera focus on the center position of the frame, and the area is now being displayed. If the focus area of the focus indicator starts flashing, then the camera becomes unable to focus.

Always modify the composition while pressing the shutter release button Halfway. Now after lifting the finger, you have to press the shutter release button down. Make use of the flash in case the area you are shooting is in a dark location. You can also press the flash popup button that will be raising the flash.

For recording movies, you have to press the record movie button to start ahead with a movie recording. In case you want to stop it, you have to again press the recording button.


To playback the images and videos, you have to press the Playback button. When you are pressing and holding down the playback button, the camera gets turned off. You can see that when you turn it on, it will come back in the playback mode. After that, make the selection of the image to display with the help of the multi-selector. Then, you can get the images that can be selected using rotating the multi-selector. For returning to the shooting mode, you have to press the Playback button again. The other option here is to utilize the shutter release button.

Customized settings

You can save the frequently used settings for shooting in the user settings mode. For that, you have to rotate the mode dial to the original shooting mode. There are many options that you will be getting there. However, you have to set the mode dial, the flexible program, shutter speed, aperture value, and other setting options.

Now, change to the frequently used shooting settings. For that, you have to press the menu button that will be displaying the shooting menus. You can make use of the multiple options that will be helping to save user settings. After you do so, press the ok button.

Using the flash

Shooting images becomes easier when you use the flash. You can set the flash mode for different shooting conditions. You have to place on the flash popup button that will be helping in raising the flash on. Using the multi-selector button makes a selection of the desired flash mode.

By pressing on the ok button, you can set the mode successfully. Here you will get the availability of the flash modes like auto, auto with red-eye correction, slow synchronization, standard flash, as well as the rear curtain synchronization.

Bottom-line for How to use Nikon Coolpix B500

The camera is quite apt to take your photography skills to the next level. Still, it’s all about understanding its basic features and settings down the core. Once you master those, there’s no one stopping you from becoming an established photographer or vlogger.

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