How To Use Canon Powershot SX70 HS?

How To Use Canon Powershot SX70 HSHow To Use Canon Powershot SX70 HS

How To Use Canon Powershot SX70 HS? – Overview

The Canon Powershot SX70 HS comes on board with some exquisite, perfect features and settings.

So, you must gain the right knowledge regarding how to use Canon Powershot SX70 HS before putting your hands on this amazing camera.

This gem of a camera comes on board with some of the coolest features, like sharp focus, an incredible 65x zoom, and a decent EVF. So, if you face any trouble with its handling and usage for the first time, refer to the below steps and guidelines.

Getting started with Canon Powershot SX70 HS

The camera goes with certain security guidelines and precautionary measures that are appropriately referenced in the client manual. Go through all of them before putting this camera to use and you can avoid any unwanted incident.

Besides, you first need to charge the battery that comes separately from the camera bundle. To do that, take out the battery from the package and gently insert it into the small slot placed at the camera’s upper right section.

Once done, connect and charge it with the help of a USB cable and AC adaptor. Once the camera gets fully charged, plug off the AC adaptor from the power source.

Afterward, set the date, time, and language while entering into the camera settings’ main menu. Doing that is very important as similar details will serve as a timestamp for your captured shots and videos. So, just if you have to search and locate any video or image from the memory card, you can do that while checking the date and time.

Checking the camera settings

Capturing images

As you will be using the camera for the first time, going with the SMART AUTO mode is highly advisable. When you do that, the camera will pick the default settings to capture the required shots and videos.

Pick the AUTO mode by tapping on the AUTO button located at the top right plate of the camera. From that point, place the focus on the subject, and whenever it’s done, the camera will respond with a click sound. This ensures that the focus is rightly set on the subject.

You will then be welcomed with certain icons and image stabilization modes on the upper right portion of the camera screen, and these will help you with rolling out specific improvements with the subject on focus. The Zoom feature of this camera is quite amazing, but you must use it with utmost care and caution.

To proceed with the photoshoot, you just need to press the shutter button halfway and the camera will come along with a two-click sound simultaneously.

At that point, press the shutter button fully and the camera will again respond with two click sounds that confirm that the shot has been successfully captured.

Recording videos

After learning about image capture, you can then think of mastering the art of recording the videos. To do that, you just need to tap the MOVIE button placed on the upper right part of the SMART AUTO button. The camera would then respond to you with a beep sound that confirms the beginning of the recording process.

Additionally, the REC symbol will appear on the screen. Once you are finished with the video recording and need to wrap up with the shooting process, gently press the MOVIE button again and the camera will again respond with two beep sounds to confirm the end of the recording.

Playing back the images and videos

The images and videos stored in the camera can be viewed and reviewed by entering into the PLAYBACK mode that is put on the left section of the SMART AUTO button. Carefully tap it and it will take you through to the most recent video or pictures shot by the camera.

You can use the arrow keys to toggle between the images or videos. Moreover, the images or videos can be deleted by pressing the DELETE button on the camera screen. Do remember that once done, the image or video cannot be restored.

Bottom line for How to use Canon Powershot SX70 HS

The camera brings along some stunning features and settings that can facilitate your photography needs and requirements. Still, it would help if you mastered them to make the best use of all of the features and controls.

Although the steps and guidelines mentioned above would suffice your requirements, you can refer to the camera’s user manual for further help and assistance.

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