How to Use Canon Rebel T6 White Balance on Canon EOS Rebel T6

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How to Use Canon Rebel T6 White Balance on Canon EOS Rebel T6

Adjusting the white balance on the Canon EOS Rebel T6, a versatile Canon flip screen camera, is essential for achieving accurate color representation in your images. Unlike customizing a specific white balance setting, adjusting color temperature and tint can improve your photos’ overall white balance. These Canon EOS Rebel T6 adjustments impact the image’s white balance, including when making custom white balance adjustments. Here’s how to fine-tune the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR white balance settings.

Canon Rebel T6 White Balance

Step 1

Begin by setting the Mode Dial to TV, P, AV, or M on your Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Step 2

Navigate to the display shooting menu and select the WB shift/BKT option. Here, you can view and adjust the white balance fine-tuning, which includes altering the balance of colors in your image.

Step 3

Pressing ‘Set’ on your Canon EOS Rebel T6 will create a grid displaying two color pairs: magenta and green and amber and blue. This grid allows you to adjust the color balance by shifting the white balance. A central line indicates no shift from the standard white balance setting.

Step 4

Use the cross keys to move the shift indicator on the grid to achieve the desired white balance correction. This adjustment adds a color filter to your image, helping you correct color imbalances.

Step 5

Confirm your adjustments by pressing ‘Set.’ You can then return to the main menu for further modifications if needed. Changes in color balance are visible in the Shooting menu, and the Camera Settings display provides details on shift values. Remember, these white balance adjustments persist across different exposure modes but can be viewed in real time through the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor.

Step 6

To revert any white balance adjustments, move the marker back to the center of the grid and press ‘Set.’ Clearing all white balance settings is straightforward with the ‘DISP’ button, ensuring you can easily cancel out any unwanted white balance effects.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and correct the white balance on your Canon EOS Rebel T6, ensuring your images have natural-looking colors tailored to the lighting conditions of your shooting environment.

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