How to Adjust the Canon Drive Modes on EOS Rebel T6?

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How to Adjust Canon Drive Modes

Canon EOS Rebel T6

The Canon EOS Rebel T6, an excellent entry-level DSLR with a flip screen, boasts 1080p video recording at 30 fps and an 18MP sensor. It is an ideal learning tool for photography beginners, providing a straightforward path into DSLR photography.

While using your Canon EOS Rebel T6, you’ll notice a symbol indicating the Drive mode on both the live view screen and within the shooting settings. The location of this symbol varies depending on the exposure mode you’re using. In Scene Intelligent Auto Mode, a guide on the left screen aids in identifying the correct placement, while the right screen details icon locations for advanced exposure modes.

Changing the Drive mode depends on whether you use the viewfinder or Live View mode for composition.

  1. Press the left cross key (unavailable in Live View Mode) for viewfinder composition, marked with two overlapping rectangles symbolizing the Drive mode functions.
  2. Upon pressing this key, settings will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Not all options are accessible unless you’re in an advanced exposure mode.
  3. To adjust settings in self-timer or continuous shooting modes, use the up or down keys to specify the number of shots. Enter Quick Control Mode by pressing the ‘Q’ button to select the Drive mode directly.
  4. Your current setting is shown at the bottom of the shooting settings screen. Cycle through options by rotating the main dial or press the ‘Set’ button to bring up the selection screen.

This process allows you to switch between Live View and Drive modes easily when using the Canon EOS Rebel T6 for vlogging.

Additionally, focus functions can be adjusted via the cross navigation key, offering access to all focus-related features of the Canon EOS Rebel T6, enriching your vlogging experience.

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