How To Use Canon Powershot SX60 HS?

How To Use Canon Powershot SX60 HSHow To Use Canon Powershot SX60 HS

How to Use Canon Powershot SX60 HS? – Overview

The Canon Powershot SX60 HS packs some real punch in terms of its exquisite features and settings.

Still, you must update yourself regarding how to use Canon Powershot SX60 HS before putting this camera to use.

This masterpiece has everything you expect from a perfect point-and-shoot camera- a sharp lens, a powerful 65x zoom feature, and a good EVF. But yes, you may find some trouble with its first use and that’s where the following guidelines and instructions come in handy.

Getting started with Canon Powershot SX60 HS

The camera accompanies certain safety guidelines and precautions that are duly mentioned in the user manual. Read through all of them before putting this camera to use and you can evade all the undesirable heating issues or short circuits.

Moreover, you first need to charge the battery that comes separately from the bundle. To do that, take out the battery from the bundle and insert it into the battery case located at the upper right segment of the camera.

When done, charge it with the provided USB cable and AC connector. After the camera gets completely charged, plug off the AC adaptor from the power source.

You then need to set the date, time, and language within the camera settings. Doing that is quite necessary as the same details will then become a timestamp on your captured shots. This way, you can easily locate the time and date of the captured shot during the editing and image-sharing process.

Checking the camera settings

To shoot Images

In case you’re putting your hands on the camera for the first time, going with the SMART AUTO features is highly advisable. Once you do that, the camera automatically chooses the necessary settings to capture certain videos or images.

Choose the AUTO mode by tapping on the AUTO button on the camera’s upper right plate.

After that, place the focus on the subject, and once it’s done, the camera will welcome you with a click sound. This affirms that the focus is properly set on the subject.

Certain icons and image stabilization modes will be shown on the upper right part of the camera screen and these will assist you with making certain changes with the subject on focus. The Zoom facility of this camera is quite superb.

However, you actually must stay cautious while utilizing it for the necessary shot.

To go ahead with the image-shooting process, carefully press the shutter button halfway and you will hear two click sounds to affirm that the focus has been placed on the subject. Then press the shutter button completely and you will then be hearing a shutter sound that gives you the confirmation that the shot has been successfully captured.

Recording videos

If you want to record the videos, you need to press the MOVIE button on the upper right of the SMART AUTO button. The camera would confirm the recording process while prompting a beep sound.

Besides, the REC icon will likewise be shown on the screen. Whenever you are finished with the video and need to wrap up the shooting process, delicately press the MOVIE button again and the camera will again prompt two beep sounds to confirm the end of the recording.

Viewing the images and videos

The images and videos stored in the camera can be viewed after entering the PLAYBACK mode that is placed on the left part of the SMART AUTO button. Delicately press it and it will then take you through to the latest video or image shot by the camera.

Utilize the arrow keys to scroll between the images and videos you need to see. In any case, if you want to erase any image or video, select the given video or image with the usage of the arrow keys.

Once selected, the DELETE option needs to be selected to erase the image permanently from the memory card. Now, while you do that, do remember that the same image or video can’t be recuperated after its deletion from the device.

The bottom line for How to use Canon Powershot SX60 HS

The camera sports come with cool features and settings and you simply need to make yourself acquainted with its easy-to-explore settings and controls.

Additionally, referring to the guidelines and instructions mentioned above is recommended in case you face any issues regarding its usage and handling.

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