How To Use Nikon Coolpix B700?

How To Use Nikon Coolpix B700How To Use Nikon Coolpix B700

The Nikon Coolpix B700 can be deemed as one of the best point-and-shoot cameras around. Still, having in-depth knowledge regarding how to use Nikon Coolpix B700 is quite essential before its usage and handling.

Hereby, we bring you a detailed list of steps and instructions to get the best out of this gem of a camera.

Getting started

Please charge the battery pack provided separately in the package before going any further with this camera’s usage and handling. Afterward, you also need to insert the memory card in the provided slot to initiate the image and video shooting process.

Scrolling down the camera menus

You first need to turn on the camera. Initially, you will be welcomed with a language selection box. Pick any of your desired languages from the available list. Once done, just press OK. In case you want to change the same language settings later, you can do so by entering the same menu.

Afterward, press the menu button once you see a dialogue box prompted on the right side of the camera screen. You need to change and adjust the home time/ region and then tap the OK button.

You can make the selection of the date format by scrolling down the arrow keys. Once you do it, enter the current date and time and simply press OK.

Adjusting the image, video, and playback settings

Image settings

To capture images, it is recommended to use the AUTO mode in the camera, which will automatically adjust the required settings depending on the camera’s needs and requirements. Press the shutter button halfway down, and the camera will set the subject directly in focus.

You can further use the Zoom feature, Image stabilization, and Image aspect ratio as per your liking. Once you are satisfied with the subject’s selection and focus, gently press the Shutter button completely.

While you do that, make sure to keep your fingers off the flash. AF assists the illuminator, lens microphone, and speaker.

Recording videos

To record videos, you need to tap on the MOVIE button to kickstart the recording process with this camera. The camera screen will come along with two black bars that signify the subject areas that are not in focus during the recording process.

You will also see the REC button on the screen that confirms the initiation of the recording process. In case you want to adjust certain settings for the video recording, scroll down between the features and settings available on the camera screen itself.

As you are done with the video recording, press the MOVIE button again to conclude the process.

Playing back images and videos

To playback the images and recordings, you need to press the Playback button located at the camera’s top right plate. At the point when you are holding down the playback button, the camera turns off.

You will now see that it will prompt you with the playback mode as you turn the camera on. From that point onward, pick the image or video you want to check while using the multi-selector arrow keys.

The images and videos can be deleted by choosing the DELETE icon right at the bottom left of the image or the videos. You must be sure that the same images and videos cannot be recovered after deletion.

Utilizing the Flash

Capturing your favorite images in low lights always comes as a hectic task. Hence, using the inbuilt camera flash of the Nikon B700 would come as a nice idea. If you are using it for the first time, You have to tap on the flash popup option to help you turn the flash on. Afterward, you can select the desired flash mode while using the multi-selector keys.

Once you select the desired flash mode, gently tap OK and move forward with the image-capturing task. With the Nikon Coolpix B700, you have the availability of flash modes like auto, auto with red-eye correction, slow synchronization, standard flash, as well as rear curtain synchronization.

The bottom line for How to use Nikon Coolpix B700

The camera is quite capable of facilitating your photography skills and styles in any given condition. Still, learning how to use the Nikon Coolpix B700 will help you get detailed knowledge about its controls and settings in the best manner possible.

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