How To Use Canon SX420?

How To Use Canon SX420How To Use Canon SX420

How to Use Canon SX420? – Overview

This Canon SX420 how-to guide can help you get familiar with all the exquisite features and controls of this tiny masterpiece.

While the camera boasts a 42x zoom, Smart Auto mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity, you will never find a dull moment while using this gem of a camera.

Still, you have to get expert hands on the same settings to get the best for your captured shots. This is where going through the following guide in regard to its basic features and settings is highly recommended.

Getting started with Canon SX420

Before you start with the usage and handling of the camera, read the safety precautions and handling-related instructions mentioned in the user manual.

Doing this can make you use this camera without causing any unwanted harm or injury in the process.

Moreover, charge the battery before using the camera to capture any images or videos.

The battery pack is provided separately from the package, so you must insert it into the camera initially. Once done, plug the USB charging cable into a secured power outlet and turn off the charger once the device is fully charged.

Setting the time and date

You need to set the date and time first, as the same information will be displayed after turning ON the camera.

Moreover, the same time and date information will help you to keep track of the captured shots and videos in the right format and sequence.

Power On the camera and you will get this as the first option on the camera screen. Select the required date and time while using the arrow keys and press the FUNC SET button to finish up with the process.

Using the camera for the first time

For shooting still images

Using SMART AUTO is highly recommended if you are trying the camera out for the first time. To get into this mode, simply turn on the camera and you will be welcomed with the startup screen.

Enter the AUTO mode by pressing the AUTO button on the top right plate of the camera. Just focus on the subject now and you will hear several clicking noises from the camera. This is an indication that the camera is focusing on the subject.

You will now see random icons and image stabilization modes on the top right of the camera screen. If you see random frames around other subjects, it means that the camera is focusing on other subjects at the same time.

If you want to Zoom in or Zoom out, just turn over the Zoom lever accordingly. Press the shutter button gently and you will hear two beep sounds. Press the shutter button completely and you will now hear a shutter sound confirming the capturing of the shot.

For recording videos

Recording videos with this camera is quite easy. Press the MOVIE button placed on top of the SMART AUTO button.

You would hear a beep sound that confirms the initiation of the recording process. Also, a REC icon will be displayed on the screen.

You will also see black bars on the top and bottom edges of the screen with the enlargement of subjects in focus. Once the recording process starts, take your fingers off the recording button and continue until you want the recording to end.

To end the recording process, press the movie button again and you will hear two beep sounds as a confirmation from the camera.

Viewing the images or videos

You can view the same image or video afterward by entering into the PLAYBACK MODE. The button is placed on the left of the SMART AUTO and once you press it, it will take you to the last captured shot or video from the camera.

You can use the arrow keys to go back and forth with selecting images or videos you want to view. If you want to delete any image or video, select it by pressing the upward arrow key sign.

Select ERASE from the provided options and the image will get deleted from the camera’s memory. The same process also needs to be followed while selecting or deleting the videos.

Now, please be sure of the deletion part, as once deleted, the image or video cannot be recovered.

The bottom line for Canon SX420 is how to use a guide

The above Canon SX420 how-to-use guide can help you learn about all the features and settings of this camera. Still, ensure that you take all the recommended precautions while using or handling this tiny beast for your photography requirements.

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