How to Use Guide Canon G11?

How To Use Guide Canon G11How To Use Guide Canon G11

How to Use Guide Canon G11? – Overview

Canon PowerShot g11 can be deemed one of the ‘best point-and-shoot cameras on this planet. Still, it would be best if you went through this Canon G11 how-to-use guide to master its exquisite features and controls.

This camera scores some good points on its predecessor while bringing key advancements like the DIGIC 4 image processor and an improved high-sensitivity sensor. So, be it a rookie or a professional photographer, you are certainly going to enjoy this gem of a camera for all of your photography aspirations.

Getting started with Canon G11

Before you start ahead with this camera’s usage, please read through all the given safety precautions and guidelines regarding its handling. These instructions are mentioned to shield you from any mishap that occurs due to the device’s mishandling.

Besides, before you go ahead with the camera’s use for the first time, insert the battery and memory cards into the allotted slots in the camera.

Both the memory cards and battery case are provided separately in the package. The battery should be charged by utilizing the USB cable and AC adaptor given in the bundle.

Setting date and time

After you power ON the camera, the first thing that needs to be done is to set the right date and time as per your specific time zone. The data provided in this regard would help you to precisely store the picture and video in the right sequences according to their timestamp.

To proceed with the instruction, turn the camera On by pushing the power button. The camera will present you with a date/time screen. Utilize the arrow keys to pick the necessary date and time and finish the process by tapping the FUNC SET button in the middle.

Just in case you travel to a different time zone altogether, you can change the time and date by utilizing similar menu settings.

Putting the camera for the first time, use

Capturing Images

While putting the camera for the first time use, it is strongly prescribed to shoot in the SMART AUTO mode. With this mode, the camera utilizes predefined settings to click a specific picture or video. To proceed with the instruction, just power On the camera and press the AUTO mode button by turning the mode towards the camera symbol.

Press the FUNC SET option while using the arrow keys to choose AUTO. When done, cautiously focus the camera around the subject. The camera would generate a click sound to signify that the desired subject has been properly focused.

Additionally, you will be prompted with random icons on the screen to help you choose the desired image and scene adjustment modes.

When the subject has been put to an effective focus, you will now be able to utilize the Zoom settings by turning on the Zoom switch toward the Magnifying glass symbol. Once the settings have been properly adjusted, press the shutter button halfway down.

This would place the subject in focus, and you will hear two-click sounds from the camera, confirming that the provided subjects are in the right focus. Once done, gently press the shutter button fully down, and the desired image will be captured in its true sense.

Recording Videos

The video recording process is no rocket science with this gem of a camera. Just press the MOVIE button located on the front plate, and the camera will inform the initiation of the recording process with a beep sound.

A REC symbol will also be prompted on the screen, confirming that the recording is ON for your desired subject. You will also witness certain black bars on the top and bottom edges of the camera screen. These confirm that the area under focus will not be recorded during the video recording process.

As the recording process goes on, tenderly remove your finger from the MOVIE button. Whenever you’re finished with the same, gently press the same MOVIE button again, and the camera will generate two beep sounds to confirm the end of the recording.

Playing back your favorite images and videos

If you want to review or playback the captured images and videos, go to the PLAYBACK mode by pressing the PLAY icon on the upper right of the camera screen. It will welcome you with the last captured shot, and you can utilize the arrow keys to select your desired image or video from the memory card.

Kindly note that the videos can be located by the SET symbol on the camera screen’s upper left. It would help if you pressed the given option, and you will then be provided with the available list of videos and movies in the camera.

The same images or videos can also be deleted while tapping on the BIN icon. Do remember that the same cannot be recovered after deletion.

Bottom line

This Canon G11 how-to-use guide helps you learn about all the coolest features and settings of this masterpiece. For further reference, you can log on to Canon’s official website or read through the provided user manual in the package.

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