How To Use Canon G7X Mark II

How To Use Canon G7X Mark IIHow To Use Canon G7X Mark II

How to Use Canon G7X Mark II? – Overview

Canon G7X Mark II has made its own sweet space among most of the vloggers and first-time photographers around. Still, there are few that face issues regarding how to use Canon G7X Mark II, simply due to a lack of knowledge about its functions and controls.

The camera is well recognized for its top-notch features and pocket-friendly design and further brings along some noticeable upgrades and improvements over its predecessors.

So, just to be sure about usage in handling, you can read along with the following guidelines and instructions regarding how to use Canon G7X Mark ii.

Getting started

Charging the battery pack

Well, before you go any further with its usage, you have to charge the battery pack with the provided charger in the package.

As the camera does not come with the charged battery back, you have to charge it initially to prepare it for first-time usage.

Date and time setting

Once the battery pack has been charged, set the current date and time that will be displayed on the camera screen. To do that, turn the camera on and then set the correct date and time after navigating to the main menu.

Now, while you do that, do remember to specify your home time zone, as that may impact the camera’s functioning while getting connected to an external device.

First-time usage

To capture a shot

You can try out the ‘Smart Auto’ shooting mode to capture some stunning images with its first-time usage. To use that feature, press the Power button, and you will be welcomed with certain options upfront on the camera screen.

Afterward, set the MODE dial to Auto and try to focus the camera right on the subject.

The camera will then come over with a gentle clicking sound, and you can then see certain icons ( like Image stabilization mode and scene Mode on the screen.

You can also ‘Zoom in’ and ‘Zoom out’ the subject by using the ‘ZOOM’ icon. Once you are done with all the right settings and functions for your shot, compose the required image by pressing the shutter button.

To record a movie

In case you want to record some videos or movies with Canon G7X MARK II, simply press the movie button.

The camera would then come with a beep sound and start with the recording process. You will see certain black bars on the top and the edges of the camera screen. That signifies the part of the subjects that are not getting recorded.

Moreover, the subject size would slightly enlarge during the recording process. Once the recording process begins, take your finger off the movie button.

Now, once you’re finished recording, press the movie button again and you will see the camera coming with two beep sounds to confirm that the video has been recorded.

Viewing images

In case you want to view the captured shot or videos, you can simply do that by entering the Playback mode available on the bottom right of the screen.

Once you enter the playback mode, choose the images and scroll them down with the left and right ARROW key buttons to access the screen.

Deleting images

Just like viewing the images, you can erase them with the utmost ease. Now, you must remember that you cannot erase all the images at once and need to follow the procedure in a stepwise format. Opt for an image that needs to be erased by toggling on the left and right arrow keys.

Once the images are selected, you will see an ‘Erase’ prompt on the screen. Select ‘Erase’ and the image will be deleted from the camera. Do remember that the erased image cannot be recovered so try to be double-sure before deciding on the deletion of the image or video.

Using the Shooting mode

To access the shooting mode, simply press the Power button to turn on the camera and get ready to capture your favorite shots.

All the Shooting mode options will be displayed right on the screen. Once you’re done with your shooting, turn the camera off by pressing the same power button again.

The bottom line for How to use Canon G7X Mark ii

The camera is quite easy to handle but still requires you to have some basic knowledge of its features and controls beforehand. By referring to the steps and guidelines mentioned above, you can easily master the art of How to use Canon G7X Mark ii.

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