How To Use Nikon D500?

How To Use Nikon D500How To Use Nikon D500

How to Use Nikon D500? – Overview

Nikon D500 has become a rage among all sports and wildlife photographers in no time. Still, if you go through any issues regarding how to use Nikon D500, try to gain the right knowledge and information regarding its basic controls and features before using it for your photography aspirations.

With an ergonomic design, an amazingly fast autofocus system, and a 20.9 MP sensor, this DX-format DSLR is more than capable of delivering some stunning images and videos. Still, you may have to customize a few of its settings to let this masterpiece work according to your style and imagination.

Understanding the AF speed and AF accuracy

If you have used the Nikon D5, you may find the AF speed of this camera on the slower side. Still, the AF accuracy is comparatively better than all the previous models. It won’t tease you when you are trying to capture a photo or video with patience.

Instead, the issue arises when you are trying to capture speedy movements or shots that need to be captured in a hurry. This camera is quite apt in terms of AF accuracy when you are shooting portraits.

But yes, you then have to adjust AF lock settings to get a perfect shot of moving subjects. The camera also sports a 3D tracking feature that comes over as the perfect game-changer here. So, you don’t need to worry about focusing on the focus-shifting issues.

Getting the right image settings

Being a rookie in photography, you must also learn to bring your imagination and style into play. So, while you are trying to get expert hands on this camera, go beyond the conventional JPEG image style.

Try out the NEF(RAW) + JPEG or any other image setting if you like it. Do remember that a camera is as good as the imagination and style of the photographer using it. With Nikon D500, you can benefit from the following list of image settings and controls on the menu.

  • Shooting menu bank
  • Extended menu banks
  • Storage folder
  • File naming
  • Primary slot selection
  • Secondary slot function
  • Flash control
  • Choose image area
  • Image quality
  • Image size
  • NEF (RAW)
  • NEF (RAW)
  • NEF (RAW) compression
  • NEF (RAW) bit depth
  • ISO sensitivity settings
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Auto ISO sensitivity control
  • Maximum sensitivity
  • Maximum sensitivity with flash
  • Minimum shutter speed
  • White balance
  • Set Picture Control
  • Color space
  • Active D-Lighting
  • Long Exposure NR
  • High ISO NR
  • Vignette control
  • Auto distortion control
  • Flicker reduction
  • Flicker reduction setting
  • Flicker reduction indicator
  • Auto bracketing set
  • Multiple exposures
  • HDR (high dynamic range
  • Interval timer shooting

You can customize the settings mentioned above as per your photography style and requirements.

Getting the right ISO settings

ISO settings play a critical role in bringing the desired impact and essence and you capture images and videos. While using the Nikon D500, you can adjust the ISO settings according to your photography requirements.

In case you are shooting at a venue with dark or low-lit surroundings, choosing the higher ISO settings is advisable. Similarly, the ISO setting can be lowered if the lighting is quite apt for your photography needs.

Still, try to maintain a balance while increasing the ISO, as a captured image may become a bit noisy or green during the process.

With Nikon D500, you won’t find an issue while going with ISO 6400 or above but you must also try to control the shutter speed in the process to get the desired effect.

Adjusting the shutter speed

The camera’s shutter speed cannot be written off when trying to capture the most stunning images and videos out of the Nikon D500. So, you must take care of this aspect while trying to shoot still or speedy objects according to your photography style.

Finding the right aperture value

The aperture value refers to the amount of light that is entering into your camera lens while providing the perfect brightness and color to your captured image of the video. Hence, using the right aperture value according to the lens quality of the camera can prove to be decisive for your photography needs.

Bottomline for How to use Nikon D500

Nikon D500 can deliver some great images and videos if used in an ideal manner ( with some ideal settings). So, while you are trying to find out a way to use Nikon D500, referring to the steps and guidelines above can prove to be decisive for your photography requirements.

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