How to adjust Canon G7X Mark II Portrait Settings

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Portrait Settings on Canon G7X Mark II

How to Activate Portrait Mode

  • Switch to different Shooting Modes to effectively capture various scenes, utilizing unique image effects and special functions for enhanced shots.
  • Select a mode suited to your scene, and the camera will automatically adjust settings for optimal results.

[Portrait] mode () is ideal for focusing on subjects. To set your camera to portrait mode:

  1. Switch to [SCN] mode.

Turn the mode dial to [SCN] and press the <Power> button.

g7x mark ii portrait settings

Canon G7X Mark II Portrait Settings

  1. Select Portrait Mode.

Press the [] button, navigate to [] in the menu, and select Portrait Mode.

Hint: Use the mode dial to select [SCN], or choose the mode by tapping [] on the touchscreen.

g7x portrait settings

G7X Portrait Settings

  1. If this icon [] is displayed on the LCD, the camera is set for portraits.
g7x mark portrait settings ISO

G7X Mark Portrait Settings ISO

Portrait Mode is now active, ready for capturing stills or videos with a soft background effect.

Canon G7X Mark II: Overview


Ideal for travelers seeking a compact camera for easy portability.

The Canon G7X Mark II’s lightweight design is perfect for on-the-go photography.

Performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions and allows for easy depth of field control.


It may not deliver the best results for sports photography or fast action.

The battery life is relatively short, which could be limiting for extended outdoor adventures.


  • The Canon G7X Mark II, an upgrade from the Canon G7X, offers portability and a powerful DIGIC 7 processor, making it appealing for photographers who are always moving.
  • As a Canon flip screen camera, it provides flexibility with its tiltable screen and flash for creative angles.

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