How to adjust Canon G7X Mark II Portrait Settings


How to get to portrait mode?  

  • First change to other Shooting Modes to shoot more effectively in various scenes, and take shots enhanced with unique image effects or captured using special functions.
  • Choose a mode matching the shooting scene, and the camera will automatically configure the settings for optimal shots.


[Portrait] mode () is best for subject-centered shooting. So how to set the shooting mode to portrait?


  1. Enter [SCN] mode.

Set the mode dial to [SCN]

and then press the < Power > button.

g7x mark ii portrait settings

canon g7x mark ii portrait settings

  1. Choose a shooting mode.

Press the [] button, choose [] in the menu, and then choose a shooting mode.


-Hint: Turn the mode dial to [SCN]. You can also choose the shooting

mode by touching [] in the upper left.

g7x portrait settings

g7x portrait settings

  1. If this icon [] appears on the LCD screen, the setting process is complete.
g7x mark portrait settings ISO

g7x mark portrait settings ISO

Now you’re in shooting Portraits mode.

You can either shoot still images or movies, as shots of people with a softening effect.



A great choice for travelers in need of a pocket companion for capturing images.

Lightweight and compact design of Canon G7X Mark II can assist its user better on the go.

Ensures amazing results for low light conditions.

Maintains easy control for depth of field.


Not so special results for sports photography and peak action.

Single short life battery unit which is not good for taking the camera out for an adventure tour.


  • Canon G7X Markk II is a powershot camera the successor of Canon G7X.
  • It’s portability and powerful DIGIC 7 processor makes this camera very attractive for photographers on the move.
  • Canon G7X is a Canon flip screen camera that flips both and down with a tiltable flash.

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