How to Start Motovlogging | 5 Steps

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How to Start Motovlogging

Wanderlust is an increasingly popular phenomenon today.

Thanks to the ease of conveyance and the efficiency of recording and sharing travel experiences with millions from around the world through YouTube has prompted a whole new genre of motorcycle lovers.

Motovlogging, a combination of motorcycle riding and creating video blogs, is a term used to define the profession where motorcycle experts and lovers record their rides on scenic and popular roads and share them through video-sharing platforms online, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Not everyone will be able to ride every motorcycle model or get the opportunity to ride on every popular biking trail.

Thankfully, with Motovlogging, everyone can experience the sights and sounds of popular rides from the comfort of their homes by simply viewing the thousands of vlogging videos uploaded by Motovloggers from around the world.

In addition, Motovlogging channels are a great source of technical information, maintenance and travel tips to make your next journey safer and more enjoyable. Let’s not forget the hours of entertainment that popular Motovlogging videos provide to the audience.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a Moto-blogger, then check out our top expert tips on how to start Motovlogging.

Tips on How to Start Motovlogging

Here are the top tips on how to start Motovlogging successfully:

1 – Identify the target audience

First and foremost, you will need to decide the type of audience you wish to target your Motovlogging efforts at. This step is extremely important because it is pivotal in determining the kind of content you need to create.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to determining your target audience. If you are an expert at bike repairs and troubleshooting, you can target beginner motorcycle enthusiasts and teach them tips on maintaining a bike properly.

On the other hand, if you have in-depth experience in motorcycle maintenance, then you can share motorcycle maintenance and repair tips with hardcore gearheads who love the garage.

If you are a skilled motorcycle rider, then you can choose to create content for speed-track, trail-biking or touring riders, depending on your expertise and preference.

In simple words, choose the target audience according to your special skill so that your content will have maximum impact and appeal.

2 – Get the right gear

The next step is to buy the right recording equipment. A helmet-mounted HD action camera is the basic step. Apart from motorcycles, the camera is the most important piece of equipment for Motovlogging.

We recommend choosing an action camera that provides good-quality videos and provides a wide-angle view.

In addition, a microphone has also become important equipment for Motovlogging. Many video bloggers realize the impact of live commentary while riding, as this is one of the best ways to create content.

Hence, you will need to buy a microphone that is preferably compatible with your helmet or bike-mounted action camera. Nowadays, there are various options to choose from built-in helmet speakers to auxiliary microphones. Make sure to get an action camera microphone attachment for stable sound quality.

3 – Create content while riding

It makes sense to plan the content ahead of time. You can’t expect to simply ride the bike and the content to come to you.

You will need to identify the kind of techniques you are showcasing or the aspects of the bike or ride you want to highlight.

Start by narrating to your audience in the beginning and explaining to them the purpose of the video initially. Later on, you can let the visual content take over.

Remember, it’s not possible to get everything right on the first try. There is much more to content creation for Motovlogging than simply recording and uploading clips of your motorcycle ride.

4 – Learn to edit

This step may require you to learn or sharpen your technical skills when it comes to editing your video. The raw footage becomes greatly improved with effective editing.

To begin with, it is advisable to choose free video-editing software and learn the skill. Later on, once you get the hang of it, you can choose to buy a professional video editing tool.

Video editing not only gets rid of the boring parts or bloopers, it also helps to add visual and audio effects to make the Motovlog more interesting and engaging.

Learn video editing by viewing the thousands of how-to videos uploaded on YouTube for the best tips and tricks.

5 – Always take advice

Motovlogging, like any other profession, requires experience with time to become refined and successful.

Hence, you should always be eager to get feedback and positive criticism from audiences and experts alike. This step is what mainly decides whether any Motovlogging effort is going to be a success or a dud.


Follow the above-given 5 tips on how to start Motovlogging and start your journey to become a successful Motovlogger.

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