How to Connect GoPro to iPad?

How To Connect Gopro To IpadHow To Connect Gopro To Ipad

How to Connect Gopro to iPad? – Getting Started

If you own a GoPro and love sharing videos and pictures on social media, having the right information and knowledge regarding how to connect GoPro to an iPad is quite a prerequisite.

There could be various other reasons to connect the GoPro to the iPad i.e controlling the GoPro from the iPad or uploading and editing the videos or photos. No matter what the purpose, the process is quite easy and simple.

Now, before you start with the process, you must know that there are two methods of connecting a GoPro to an iPad :

  • Via a USB cable
  • Via Wi-Fi while using the GoPro app

Connecting GoPro to iPad using a USB cable

Ensure buying a high-quality USB cable facilitates a faster and smoother connection and file transfer process. Also, the connection depends on the fact whether the iPad and the GoPro have a USB-C port.

If the USB-C port is not available in either of the devices, using a compatible USB adaptor is recommended.

Step1. Preparing the camera

You first need to turn off the GoPro before making it connect to the iPad via a USB cable. Once done, connect the smaller end of the USB cable to the GoPro and the IPAD’s larger end.

Step 2. Establishing the connection

Power on the GoPro by pressing the MODE button. Go to the main menu of the Gopro and opt for the CONNECT option. Now tap the CONNECT NEW DEVICE option under the sub-menu named CONNECTED DEVICES.

Step 3. Pairing the devices

Download and install the GoPro app from the AppStore on your iPad. Now, opt for PAIR via the GoPro app. You can then see the GoPro icon on the device. Tap on it, and the pairing process will kickstart.

The devices are now connected, and you can continue with the transfer of your favorite videos or photos.

Connecting GoPro to iPad via WIFI

The connection can be established easily if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step1. Preparing the GoPro

You need to follow the same process of powering on the GoPro while pressing the mode button. Provided that the GoPro app is already downloaded and installed on the Ipad, opt for SETUP on the GoPro device.

Step 2. Preparing the iPad

Opt for CONNECT YOUR CAMERA on the GoPro app and select ADD NEW DEVICE from thereon. Now tap on the icon that shows your GoPro device and click CONTINUE.

Step3. Establishing the connection

Connect your GoPro device to wifi by double-pressing the shutter button. Once done, highlight the PAIR option while pressing the MODE button. Press the SHUTTER button again to select the same option.

Opt for CONTINUE on the GoPro app on the iPad. Now tap on the GoPro app on the camera and opt to CONTINUE in this case as well. You will now be prompted with a PIN on the device’s screen. Enter it into the app and select UPDATE YOUR CAMERA.

Step 4. Pairing the devices

Go to the GoPro app on the iPad and select your GoPro model on the app, ready for the pairing process. The devices are now successfully paired, and you can continue with the transfer of your files, videos, and pictures without any worries.

Key things to remember while connecting Gopro to iPad

  • Ipad supports mainly two video formats – H.264 and MPEG-4. So, you may not see all your videos getting played with the same video quality on the iPad.
  • Still, if you want to play all of the videos, you may have to download certain video converters from the app store to continue with the process.
  • Don’t use iTunes to transfer your videos and photos from the GoPro to the iPad as it doesn’t sync well to a GoPro or any other camera.
  • Establishing a connection between two devices may take some time, so you must be patient and calm during the process.
  • Check whether both devices have a USB-C connection and pick the right USB cable accordingly to take through the connection process in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

Bottomline for how to connect GoPro to iPad

Connecting the GoPro to the iPad is quite easy and simple. Pick the right options and accessories, and you will never face issues while getting through the same task. Also, check the devices’ compatibility with the accessories before establishing the connection.

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