What is Motovlogging? 

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What is Motovlogging?  – Overview

In the age of incredible opportunities, Motovlogging has become an immensely popular passion for content creators who love to ride. Motovlogging is an equal combination of Motorcycle + Video + Blogging.

It is a mix of motorcycle riding, which is captured in video format. Motovloggers have dedicated YouTube channels where they post videos and clips of their journeys and experiences.

The footage is recorded with an action camera attached to the rider’s helmet, motorbike, or both and is accompanied by the rider’s narration.

If you are a video-blogging and motorbike enthusiast who wishes to start a Motovlogging channel, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will detail the main steps to start your own Motovlog, get subscribers and hits and swiftly take your Motovlogging status to the heights of success on YouTube.

How to start Motovlogging – In 4 simple steps

No motorcycle lover can claim to have ridden every model, taken every road trip, witnessed every scenic highway, or experienced the numerous obstacles you face on a long motorcycle road trip.

Luckily, there’s a way to experience all of this by watching the innumerable Motovlogs created by bike enthusiasts around the world.

Whether you wish to test a new motorcycle model, enjoy super-cool scenery or follow where the road leads, you can create hours of entertaining content using Motovlog techniques.

To make the beginning easier for you, here are 5 simple steps to start your Motovlog:

1 – Identify your audience

Any content creator needs to form a plan for the kind of content they wish to create. This is mostly determined by its targeted audience. You can target newbies to the motorcycle world by creating instructional riding videos with expert tips on riding safely and comfortably.

If your audience members are mostly veteran gearheads who spend more time tinkering with their rides, then you can create more advanced and technical content to suit the demography.

The best way to identify your audience is to determine the aspects of riding that you enjoy the most. It is best to make the videos from your POV, literally and figuratively.

You can even check out the videos of the top Motovloggers on YouTube and find out the tricks they use to make their videos more interesting.

2 – Get a good set of gear

Motovlogging requires buying audio-video recording equipment. Here is a list of the basic gear you will need to start your Motovlogging channel:


This is the most basic and essential part of Motovlogging. The complete quality of your vlog depends on the camera. Low-quality videos will negatively affect your efforts.

Thus, it is advisable to invest in an action camera that produces high-quality videos and provides crystal-clear image quality. In addition, make sure that the camera comes with an easy-to-mount mechanism, whether on your helmet, bike, or both.

Along with the camera, you will need to buy certain accessories that are essential to creating good-quality Motovlogging content, such as:

  • Field of View (FOV) – Ideally, your mounted camera should be able to capture a broad enough image so that objects in your peripheral vision are also as clear as the objects in front.
  • Mic Connector – Although action cameras often come with a built-in microphone, these are insufficient for capturing good-quality sound. It is advisable to buy a camera which allows an external microphone to be connected easily.
  • Microphone – An ideal Motovlogging microphone should be able to cut out the wind noise but capture your narration.

A helmet-mounted microphone is extremely useful for this and easily connects with your camera. In case your camera does not support an external microphone, then you can choose to buy a lapel mic that is self-powered and can record and store audio on an external storage device, such as a USB stick or Micro SD Card.

  • Camera Mount – Last but not least, purchase a camera mount that secures the camera effectively and can be tilted to provide any angle you want.

3 – Learn to edit

Once you are done recording hours of footage, you will need to be able to edit out the irrelevant and mundane parts while retaining and highlighting the most interesting portions you think the viewers will like. Editing also deals with adding visual or audio effects to make the Motovlog more entertaining.

4 – Take advice and improve

It will take a few tries to capture footage, edit it and upload it in a way that seems perfect. To improve your content efficiently, you can always take suggestions and feedback from your viewers and take advice from veteran Motovloggers.


Motovlogging is a perfect blend of passion and income. Follow these four simple steps carefully and you will discover the incredibly talented vlogger inside you.

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