How to Use GoPro as Dashcam

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How to Use a GoPro as a Dash Cam – Overview

How to use GoPro as a dash cam? Using a GoPro as a dash cam involves mounting it on your car’s dashboard. While the idea seems straightforward, effectively using a GoPro in this manner requires attention to specific steps and considerations, especially given the distinctions between a GoPro and a traditional dashcam.

GoPro vs. Dash Cam

GoPros are versatile cameras for outdoor activities like diving, swimming, and more. They are portable and can be connected to computers or laptops for viewing captured footage.

In contrast, dash cams are specifically designed for vehicle use, typically mounted on the dashboard or windscreen, focusing on recording the road ahead. Some dash cams also feature dual cameras for front and rear recording and an in-cabin camera, providing evidence in the event of incidents such as road accidents.

Both devices excel in capturing video footage, offering benefits such as traffic monitoring, evidence provision, insurance claim support, and capturing scenic views during travels.

How To Use GoPro As Dash Cam – The Steps To Follow

To use your GoPro as a dash cam, consider the following steps:

1. Adjust the settings on your GoPro

Configure your GoPro for vehicle use by selecting a wide-angle view (Wide FOV) and opting for 1080p resolution for clear footage. Although 4K resolution is an option, it will increase the size of the video files.

2. Set the looping interval

Utilize the looping feature on your GoPro to continuously record your journey, overwriting older footage as needed. Set the looping interval according to your preference, from 5 to 120 minutes or MAX, to capture recent activities effectively.

3. Quick capture feature is handy

Leverage the GoPro’s quick capture feature to start or stop recording with a single button press, even when the camera is off, ensuring safety while driving.

4. Mount and housing for GoPro

Secure your GoPro with a suitable mount, such as a suction cup mount, and ensure it is compatible with your GoPro model. Additionally, you may need an adapter, housing, and windshield mount to set up your GoPro as a dash cam properly.

  • 12V Adapter: A USB cable or adapter is used to power your GoPro, ensuring it remains charged.
  • Housing: For models like the Hero8 or older, housing may be necessary for USB access and protection.
  • Windshield mount: This option keeps the dashboard clear and ensures the mount stays secure despite bumps.

Ensure your GoPro is turned on and recorded before you start driving.

Key Considerations – Using GoPro As A Dash Cam

Before using your GoPro as a dash cam, keep in mind:

  • GoPros may not perform well in high temperatures, unlike dash cams.
  • Due to their value, GoPros should not be left unattended in the car.
  • Manage battery life by turning off the GoPro when not in use and disabling unnecessary features.
  • A large storage card is essential due to limited GoPro memory.
  • GoPros lack automatic recording start, a G-sensor for collision detection, built-in GPS, and parking monitor features in dash cams.

Using a GoPro as a dash cam is feasible with proper setup and considerations. Experiment to see if a GoPro meets your needs or if a dedicated dash cam might be more suitable. Drive safely and share your experiences using a GoPro in this innovative way.

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