How to Use GoPro as Dashcam?

How To Use GoPro As DashcamHow To Use GoPro As Dashcam

How to Use GoPro as a Dash Cam – Overview

How to use GoPro as a dash cam? – Now, if you ask yourself a question that you want to use GoPro as a dash cam, it’s simple. Just mount it on the dashboard of your car and get set go.

However, in reality, it is not that easy. You have to follow some steps considering GoPro as a dashboard camera.

Further, the topic also relates to the good and the bad things you have to consider. You cannot just use your expensive camera for almost anything.

Let us take into consideration the differences between a GoPro and a dash cam.

GoPro vs. Dash Cam

You are talking about the GoPro. You already know it and don’t need much of an introduction. It is a camera built to be used outdoors while diving, swimming, and doing many other things. It is an ideal piece of technology that you can take anywhere. Further, you can view the captured moments later by connecting it to a computer, laptop, etc.

On the other hand, a dash cam is placed on the dashboard of your car. Secondly, it can also be mounted on your car’s windscreen.

The primary purpose is to record the video footage of the road in front of your vehicle. Meanwhile, dash cams feature dual cameras – for the front and the rear and an in-cabin camera.

The recorded video footage serves as evidence of unforeseen events such as a road accident, etc.

Besides the comparison, both devices are equally good at capturing video footage. Some of the benefits and similarities are listed.

  • With a dash cam or a GoPro, you can securely monitor the traffic on the road.
  • Both serve the purpose of supporting you with a piece of evidence in case of an accident, etc.
  • You can also quickly get an insurance claim based on the video footage
  • While going on a vacation or trip to the countryside, you can record the scenic views

How To Use GoPro As Dash Cam? – The Steps To Follow

Regarding the question you asked in the first place, should you use GoPro as a dash cam? There are some steps to be followed, keeping in mind the key considerations.

We start with setting up your GoPro as a dashboard camera. Later, we will share the key considerations.

1. Adjust the settings on your GoPro

It is the first step that you need to follow before using the camera in your vehicle. Some of the settings need to be adjusted. Make sure to set the shooting mode to Wide angle view using Wide FOV.

Further, select full HD resolution, i.e., 1080p, as it will give you clear footage. Shooting at 1080p is perfect for your GoPro as most of the dash cams are set similarly.

Meanwhile, you can also select 4K resolution based on your personal preference; however, it will add to the size of video files.

2. Set the looping interval

Most of the dash cams use this feature to record the video footage continuously. You are lucky to have this feature on your GoPro. The looping mode will keep documenting your journey until it runs out of space. After that, it will start looping the recording and overwriting the previous one.

GoPro has this brilliant feature for space management. Please set it to a maximum length from 5 to 120 minutes, and MAX as per your choice.

The best part of using the looping feature is that your GoPro will capture the most recent activity. Don’t set it too short or longer, but as per whatever you need.

3. Quick capture feature is handy

If you are a GoPro user, you already know about its quick capture feature. Just start or stop recording with a touch of one button, even if the camera is not turned on. This feature keeps you safe while driving rather than fiddling with the controls.

4. Mount and housing for GoPro

While driving, you don’t want your GoPro as a handheld recorder. You require it to remain steady during your journey, and for this, you need an amount. This step makes your GoPro closer to being used as a dashboard camera. Meanwhile, you can use a suction cup mount to mount the camera on the dashboard.

When you buy a suction cup, make sure it matches the GoPro model you will use. The second thing to check is the 180-degree swivel feature. Now, slide the GoPro into the suction cup area and make it fixed in place.

Further, you will also require other accessories to connect with your GoPro. It includes an adapter, housing, and windshield mount.

  • 12V Adapter: You can either use a USB cable or the adapter to power your GoPro. At the same time, the adapter can keep the device the same as it sits flush in the car.
  • Housing: Whether you are using a Hero8 or an older device, you probably need housing to access USB input. Secondly, you will also require waterproof housing for the protection of the camera.
  • Windshield mount: If you use a suction cup mount, then the GoPro will stick to the dashboard. However, the windshield mount can make the dashboard clear of any object. Don’t worry, as, despite the bumps you might experience, the support won’t go anywhere.

Everything is set up now. Just before driving, remember to turn on your GoPro and start recording.

Key Considerations – Using GoPro As A Dash Cam

Here are some of the key considerations before you start using GoPro for your vehicle.

  • GoPro cannot work correctly in high temperatures, whereas the dash cams can
  • It is an expensive camera, so you cannot leave it in the car while you are away. It also helps in keeping them cool as they cannot withstand heat. Further, it saves GoPro from thefts as the passer-by will look into your car.
  • Battery life can affect your recording pleasure. So, it is advisable to turn off the GoPro when not in use.
  • Make sure to turn off or disable extra features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • You will have to carry a large storage card as GoPro memory is a limited one.
  • GoPro misses out on the dash cam feature as it cannot automatically start recording the video.
  • You don’t get a G-sensor, as in the case of dash cams with a GoPro. So, if you end up in a collision, nothing will be recorded.
  • You also miss out on the dash cam’s built-in GPS feature. Therefore, you cannot track location, speed, and other information.
  • There is no parking monitor feature in GoPro. It means your car doesn’t have a 24/7 surveillance camera.

Wrap it up

There you are. You know how to use a GoPro, and now you have information about using it as a dash cam. Do give it a try yourself and record your journey.

Share your thoughts about whether the GoPro served the purpose or else look for a perfect dash cam. Stay safe while driving.

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