How to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera?

How to Set Up a Wifi Spy CameraHow to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera

How to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera? – Getting Started

Facing troubles while positioning or setting up a wifi spy camera? Well positioning a wifi spy camera is all about understanding angles and camouflage methodology.

There are many reasons for one to set up a wifi spy camera – trust issues between partners, checking on kids at home or else.

Regardless of the reason, you need to be thoughtful and cautious while setting up the Wi-Fi spy camera.

But, hang on! Do you know how to pick the best Wi-Fi spy camera?

A Wifi spy camera comes in all shapes and sizes. Pick the best spy camera that does justice to all your surveillance requirements and needs.

Also, you have to find a place or location that goes well with its shape and size. Once done, you can then start ahead with its setup by following the below-mentioned steps.

Recommended steps regarding how to set up a Wi-Fi spy camera

How to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera

How to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Unboxing the Wi-Fi spy camera

Once you have purchased the best wifi spy camera from the market, you first need to unbox it. The package must include the device along with all the accessories required to set it up.

It will also include a user manual that brings along the precautions and instructions that you need t take with the wifi spy camera.

Do read all those instructions as those will play a key role in the overall functioning of the wifi spy camera as per your specific needs.

Additionally, the setup process depends largely on the model, size, and shape of the wifi spy camera. Hence, pick the right and the most suitable spot for its placement.

Step 2. Finding the right power source

Most of the wifi spy cameras are powered by lithium-ion batteries and don’t require any external power source.

Still, if the one you have bought requires an external power source, make sure the placement is done nearby to an electric power outlet.

Even if the wifi spy camera is battery-powered, put the batteries in the right manner for the desired output.

Certain wifi spy cameras can be powered by the USB port of your PC, TV or any smart device so manage it accordingly.

Step 3. Pick the right spot for its usage

Make up your mind regarding the purpose of setting up a wifi camera before choosing a location. If you want it for checking on a specific zone, go for the wide-angle view and place it around the ceiling fan or lamps.

Similarly, if the purpose is to keep a check on a specific person or entity, pick the required angle and zoom settings before setting it up.

You can place it in random household objects of everyday use like the desk lamps, Flower vase or else.

Again, you may need to install the required software on the PC or laptop if the wifi spy camera demands the same. Without it, you may not be able to get the desired results out of the wifi spy camera.

Step 4. Configuring the wifi spy camera

Most of the wifi spy cameras come with software that needs to be installed or downloaded on the PC or laptop.

Once you are done with the placement and positioning of the wifi spy camera, finish up with its configuration as per the provided instructions in the user manual.

Afterward, you need to connect the device with the wifi network while using the device’s software. Make sure that the wifi configuration is done properly or else you may face unwanted disruptions during the functioning of the wifi spy camera.

older wifi spy camera devices may ask you to enter the wifi router settings menu so you must get on with it accordingly.

Once all the configuration and settings are through, please test the functioning and area under coverage once.

You can do it while checking into the device’s software on the PC or laptop. Save the configuration settings of the wifi spy camera after you get sure of its coverage and performance.

The wifi spy camera is now set up. Keep checking and updating the software when and wherever required to ensure smooth and uninterrupted connection and performance.

Bottom-line for how to set up a wifi spy camera

Check for features and specifications of the wifi spy camera and their relevancy to your purpose, before making the purchase.

Also, opting for the battery-powered wifi spy cameras is highly recommended due to their wireless configuration and easy setup process.

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