How to Make a Spy Camera From Scratch?

How to Make a Spy Camera From ScratchHow to Make a Spy Camera From Scratch

How to Make a Spy Camera From Scratch? – Overview

You don’t need to be a technical expert to learn how to make a spy camera from scratch. All you need is some basic knowledge of handling some useful tools and accessories like a screwdriver, hammer, chisel, drill, and pliers.

Besides, you will also need stuff like a USB webcam, a USB extension cable and an old power supply from random gadgets like smartphones.

Once you have procured all of the items, you can then proceed with the rest of the task. Don’t expect to have the best spy cameras in the world but hey, it does the spying who cares about all the other features?

Recommended steps regarding how to make a spy camera from scratch

Step 1. Disassembling the webcam

A lot of people think of making a spy camera from a webcam. But that’s recognizable quite easily due to its shape and appearance. So, the point here is to make something that can easily be hidden within the required areas.

So, we first have to give the webcam a completely new appearance. Now, you must aim to take apart the circuit board, lends and cable from the enclosure.

Most of the webcams come with screws that are easy to take out.

And yes, some cheaper ones use glue instead. No matter if the webcam you are using here utilizes screws or glue, you have to disassemble the whole case gently.

Use the screwdrivers and other tools when and wherever required.

Step 2. Building the spy camera

Once the lens and the power cord have been separated from the webcam, you now need to find a new home for the spy camera.

There are random options within your surroundings that can serve as the perfect ecosystem for the spy camera- the wall clock, speakers, charging adaptor and so on.

You have to be mindful of the object that best serves your purpose.

If you want the spy camera to be located at a height, using random stuff like wall clocks, lights and so on is the best way to go ahead.

Again, if you want the spy camera to be placed at an even height, using a charging adaptor, speaker or desk lamp is the ideal way.

Hereby, we are taking a PC speaker to solve our purpose. It can be placed anywhere without leaving any doubts or suspicion in the minds of the visitors.

Take out the circuit board and related wirings in the speaker and gently place the webcam bass box.

You can use the glue or even the screws for the same purpose. Once done, the USB cable wiring needs to be adjusted within the speaker to further connect it to a nearby power source.

While you do that, make sure that the camera is first right into the provided space in the speakers. If required, facilitate the surroundings with some random lights and wiring to give it a more subtle appearance.

Don’t disassemble the speaker completely, as the changed appearance may place doubt in the hearts and minds of the onlookers.

Step 3. Positioning the spy camera

Once the webcam is properly fitted into the speakers, you can then think of placing it at the required spot. While you do that, please ensure that the location and position don’t sound ‘awkward’ to the people around you.

Speakers are meant to be placed around the living room, dining room or bedroom, so you must give proper thought in the same regard.

Also, the positioning must be such that the speakers stay connected to the nearby PC or smart device to provide you with the required videos or images.

Before you go ahead with the final positioning, test the working of the spy camera once.

The recordings must be properly transmitted to the nearby PC or smart device so you can access them without any issues.

Understand that this one is a standard spy camera that is just going to record the videos within the surroundings.

If you want a high-tech spy camera with motion detection features, you have to use a high-end webcam with all the required features and settings.

Certain websites work as an online motion-activated spy system. The same engine runs in the web browser, so you need not download or install any software for the same purpose.

Just visit these websites and create an account. Once done, test the recording and motion detection by making movements in front of the camera.

The bottom line for How to make a spy camera from scratch

Making a spy camera from scratch isn’t that tough and you have to put some common sense and logical reasoning into the task.

Using the steps above, you can get this project a bit easier and more manageable all the way through.

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