How Do Arlo Cameras Work?

How Do Arlo Cameras WorkHow Do Arlo Cameras Work

How Do Arlo Cameras Work? – Overview

Arlo cameras are well recognized for their efficient performance and stunning features. Still, have you ever wondered how do Arlo cameras work?

Do they carry any unique functionality that makes them different from other high-end security cameras?

Well, if you ever used an Arlo camera, these are a few of the questions that may have struck your mind one time or the other.

Hence, we hereby bring you a detailed overview of the functioning of a standard Arlo camera.

Understanding the basic concept of Arlo camera’s functionality

Most of the Arlo cameras work wire-free i.e. you need not attach any wiring to the device. These devices are purely powered by the batteries provided in the security camera bundle during the purchase.

It is recommended that you must use high-quality batteries once the provided ones are degraded. Follow the below process to insert the batteries properly.

• To initiate the battery insertion process, gently slide and hold the given latch on the Arlo camera’s bottom plate.

• Carefully push the battery door backward to open up the battery compartment. Insert the provided batteries to the back end of the camera. It would help if you focused on the placement and the direction of the batteries, or else the device will not function properly.

• Later on, insert the other two batteries nearby the compartment hinge carefully. Once done, close the door of the battery case

Once the camera is installed and placed in the desired location, you need to connect it to the Arlo base station via wifi.

Once the device detects any unwanted motion around, it sends the video stream to your Arlo cloud account (requires subscription).

The functionality of the camera and base station largely depends on the camera model you have purchased.

Using then camera via the Arlo app

After the camera is rightly installed and set up, you can then use it by downloading and installing the Arlo app from the manufacturer’s official website or Play Store ( for android devices) and App Store( for IOS devices).

Afterward, simply go to the main menu of the camera and select your device. Once done, you can ON/OFF and set up the Arlo camera according to your needs and requirements.

Besides, you will also be getting the required alerts to the same app.

How does the Arlo camera connect to the base station?

Once the Arlo camera has been set up, you must connect the base station to the home wifi network. Doing this, you can view the camera streams from a distant location. To proceed in the same direction, go by the following steps.

• Gently connect the camera’s base station to the WIFI router via an Ethernet cable

• Get the AC adaptor connected to the base station

• Carefully plug the AC adaptor into the nearby power outlet

• Afterwards, switch on the base station by pushing the ON button on the back panel

• Wait for the Power LED and Internet LED light to turn green

• Your Arlo base station is now connected to the home wifi network

Syncing the Arlo camera with the base station

To sync the Arlo camera to the base station, you first need to take the camera within at least 1 to 3 feet from the base station. Once done, press the Sync button located on the base station for around two seconds and release it afterward.
The LED light on the base station will turn green, and this means that the Arlo camera is successfully synced with the base station

How do I start my Arlo camera account?

• You first need to download and install the Arlo app from the App Store ( for IOS devices) or Play Store ( Android devices).

Once through with the process, you need to sign up for the account and create a touch ID sign-up process or fingerprint sign-up for your account.• Select the option that says ‘New to Arlo”

• Tap on Arlo ( Wire-free). Once you do that, the app will locate and track your device for sign up process

• Choose the base station serial number of your device from the provided menu in the app

• Input all the required details to finish up with the account setup process

• Tap on Continue and pick the most suitable subscription plan according to your requirements

Bottomline for how do Arlo cameras work

The functioning and mechanism of Arlo cameras vary according to the camera model you have purchased. Do read the user manual for further assistance.

Let us know if you want us to review or analyze your favorite security camera or accessory.

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