How to Connect Ring Doorbell to Alexa?

How To Connect Ring Doorbell To AlexaHow To Connect Ring Doorbell To Alexa

How To Connect Ring Doorbell To Alexa – Getting Started

The process of connecting the ring doorbell to Alexa is quite easy and simple. You only need to download the Alexa app and establish its connection with your Ring doorbell.

Besides, you can add your Ring Doorbell to Alexa as a skill and connect it to other Ring devices at your home or office.

Recommended steps regarding how to connect Ring Doorbell to Alexa

How To Connect Ring Doorbell To Alexa

How To Connect Ring Doorbell To Alexa – Recommended Steps

Step 1. Download the Alexa APP and add Ring doorbell as a skill

The first and foremost thing you need to do here is to download the Alexa app. Once done, tap on the three parallel bars placed on the upper left part of the app. The app would bring up certain options to choose from.

Select ‘Skills’ from the list and watch out for “ Ring’’ in the available options. Once found, tap ‘Enable”. You are now required to sign into the Ring account ( if you haven’t done so already).

Step 2. Discover the Ring Doorbell device

Afterward, try to discover your Ring device by tapping the ‘discover devices’ button. You can also use the voice command: “Alexa, discover my devices” for the same task.

The Menu will bring up all the available Ring devices within the specified area. Just in case you don’t want a particular Ring device to connect to Alexa, tap on the “Forget” button.

Click on the Ring Doorbell option and connect it with Alexa.

Using Alexa with Ring Doorbell

As Alexa and the Ring Doorbell are connected, you can easily use them together for your best purpose.

For all those who are not aware of this fun feature, one can easily answer the visitor by simply communicating with Alexa.

This further means that if a visitor rings your doorbell, you need not open your door to answer them.

The feature works perfectly in situations where you are not sure about the identity of the visitor or are feeling suspicious about the same.

The commands that need to be used here are simple- Say, “Alexa, answer (doorbell name)” or “Alexa, talk to (doorbell name),” and you immediately indulge in a conversation with the person on the other side of the door.

The same functionality goes to another level if you are using an Alexa device with a screen( like Echo Show).

Besides having a conversation, you can interact virtually with the person on the other side. Just say, “Alexa, show me (doorbell name).” and the device will take care of the rest.

Playing Chime sounds on Ring Doorbell via  Alexa

Alexa can also be used to play a chime or make an announcement in case a visitor taps on the Ring Doorbell or passes through it( subject to the motion detection feature in the device).

These chime sounds can be customized based on your preference.

To do that, you need to head to the  “Announcements” section of the Ring camera ( available in the Smart Home section of the Alexa App)  or generate an Alexa Routine from the main menu within the same app. Refer to the below steps in case you still feel puzzled about the procedure.

  • Hop into the smart home devices section in your Amazon Alexa App
  • Tap on “All Devices”
  • Tap on the Ring Doorbell device option
  • Turn on the doorbell press option
  • Put communication and announcements settings enabled on the Alexa app.

You can also go for a video live feed while using a video-enabled Ring doorbell device. Check out the available model list on Ring’s official website. These devices work in perfection with screen-enabled Alexa devices like the Echo Show.

Points to ponder regarding how to connect the ring doorbell to Alexa

  • There are times when your Ring doorbell would take some good time before establishing the connection. This can be due to low battery or other connectivity reasons.
  • Contact  Amazon Alexa’s Help Center go to the Ring Support page or call Ring Support at 1 (800) 656-1918 in case you are unable to proceed in the process.
  • If Alexa cannot discover the Ring Doorbell even after tapping the ‘Discover devices’ option, check whether the Ring Doorbell is placed within the 15ft radius.

Bottom line for  how to connect ring doorbell to Alexa

The steps and procedures mentioned above may vary according to the device model in use. Check the Alexa help center or Ring Support for further assistance in case of any issues.

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