How to Use ADT Wifi Camera Without Service?

How to Use ADT Wifi Camera Without ServiceHow to Use ADT Wifi Camera Without Service

Technically, you cannot use an ADT wifi camera without the service. Yet, if you are puzzled big time by the question- of how to use an ADT wifi camera without service, certain alternatives can help you out.

ADT holds a big reputation as one of the most sought-after security services firms in the United States of America. Over the past few years, the firm has developed itself as an undisputed pioneer of home security services.

So, to understand the whole phenomenon of using an ADT wifi camera without service, you have to take a deep dive into its functioning process.

Is it possible to use an ADT wifi camera without signing a contract agreement?

Just like any other security services company, even ADT asks its users to sign a contract agreement before getting the best of their smart home security program. This contract agreement needs to be signed before the installation of the security camera at your home.

The firm does offer free installation on a list of devices, provided that you sign up for the required service agreement.

Moreover, ADT cameras along with other connected smart home devices, will not function properly unless linked and monitored by their server systems.

Besides, you have to have an active subscription to download and install Pulse- an application that allows every ADT camera user to view live footage or videos stored on the ADT cloud.

Pulse appears to be automation software that connects a user to a list of devices offered by ADT, like smart home locks, smart bulbs, smart home alarm keypads, and smart switches.

ADT offers a variety of security cameras that work well for both outdoor and indoor usage. Now, you can use these security cameras without signing the service agreement.

Yet, you have to sign the service to record and store video footage or view a live feed.

Other alternatives regarding how to use ADT Wi-Fi cameras without service

ADT further offers an exclusive service known as ADT Blue. Using this service, homeowners can go ahead with a DIY approach while installing a customized home monitoring system.

You can use a list of devices sold separately or in bundles by the firm to proceed with this effort.

By doing this, you don’t need to pay any monthly service charge. Neither are you required to sign any service contract.

That said, the user here won’t be able to avail of professional monitoring services offered by ADT.

Furthermore, the firm won’t stay responsible for any goof up with the functioning and performance of these devices.

The ADT Blue indoor camera brings along certain key features like facial recognition, HD video recording with night vision, and a 2-way talk facility.

The ADT Blue Outdoor camera, on the other hand, offers services like motion detection, night vision, 2-way talk, and facial recognition.

FAQs regarding how to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service

Q1. Would I be getting a live monitoring facility with ADT Blue service?

A. As mentioned above, users can buy a list of devices under the ADT blue plan while going ahead with a DIY approach toward their home surveillance system.

Yet, they cannot avail of a live monitoring facility while getting enrolled in this plan.

Q2. Can I use ADT cameras without the Internet?

A. You do need an internet connection to make the best use of ADT cameras. Without it, you cannot share and store the video footage in the ADT Cloud.

Besides, the live view facility will also stay unavailable in the absence of an internet connection.

ADT mostly offers security cameras that function along with a good Wi-Fi connection.

So, that comes as a basic requirement to ensure the right performance delivery by the security devices. Besides having a stable Wi-Fi signal, the security camera also requires a dedicated power source.

The company offers full-fledged installation services. So, you must call a qualified ADT technician to help you with the installation of the security camera device.

Q3. Can I club any other camera with ADT service?

A. You can use certain smart switches and smart bulbs with ADT service, given they are Z-wave compatible and connect easily with the existing ADT Gateway.

The firm plans to allow a list of other devices to function across its platforms.

Bottomline for how to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service

Most of the firms offering home security services ask their users to sign a service contract.

These service contracts allow the users to benefit from the list of add-on services offered by the firm. ADT also goes by the same approach.

You can use some of their security devices without signing the service agreement. Yet, you have to compromise on a list of features like live monitoring and cloud storage of videos.

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