How to Set up Arlo Baby Camera?

How to Set up Arlo Baby CameraHow to Set up Arlo Baby Camera

How to Set up Arlo Baby Camera? – Overview

I’m using the Arlo baby camera for the first time, but not sure how to set it up? Our babies are precious and technology can only go so far against human errors.

Following the below steps in the proper order will help you to set up reliable surveillance to have uninterrupted visibility of your baby.

Before you head on to the Arlo Baby camera setup process, let’s take a sneak peek into its high-end features and functions.

Deemed by many as an ‘all-in-one baby monitor, this portable security camera sports a 1080p HD, air sensors, a lullaby player, and a rechargeable battery.

Besides, it boasts an advanced night vision feature and 2-way talk functions to help you keep a watchful eye on your baby, even from a distance.

Recommended steps regarding how to set up the Arlo baby camera

How to set up the Arlo baby camera

How to set up the Arlo baby camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Getting started with the Arlo baby camera

The Arlo Baby camera bundle brings a baby cam, USB charging cable & adaptor, bunny ears, and a wall mounting kit.

Besides, you will get a user manual in the package to help you with every feature and aspect of the Arlo baby camera.

Afterward, connect the USB cable’s smaller end to the Arlo baby camera port. Once done, connect the larger end of the USB cable to the provided power adapter(further connected to a power outlet).

As the Arlo Baby camera is powered on, you will see the LED light on the camera blinking Amber. Please check all the connections if the LED light on the camera isn’t blinking.

Step 2. Establishing the connection with the Arlo app

If you are using an Arlo device for the first time, you must download and install the Arlo app from Playstore (Android devices) and App Store (iOS devices).

Once installed, launch the app and select New to Arlo( tap Add Device if you already use an Arlo device with an Arlo account).

After finishing the signup process, the app will prompt you with the available devices. Select Arlo Baby and follow the instructions carefully.

The app might take 1-2 minutes to discover your device. If it is unable to locate the Arlo Baby camera, follow the below steps:

• Check whether the LED light on the camera is blinking amber. If it isn’t, unplug the device and plug it again while following the above-mentioned instructions

• Try connecting with the QR code method and tap on the Setup with the QR code option in the Arlo app.
Once the app locates the Arlo baby camera, select Next, and it will ask you to connect to the desired Wi-Fi network.

Ensure that the camera and the smart device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once the Wi-Fi network is selected, tap Next.

The app will then prompt you to select the time zone. Make the required selection and tap on Continue. You are now connected to the Wi-Fi network and need to name the Arlo baby camera.

Step 3. Testing the Arlo baby camera

Finally, you have to test the Arlo baby camera to stay assured of any glitches and technical issues during its functioning.

Place it near your toddler ( or any preferred location) and check whether it’s providing you with the required field of view or viewing angle.

Once you do that, check for other features and controls like motion alerts, a two-way talk system, advanced night vision, and so on.

By doing that, you can stay at peace regarding the efficacy of this Arlo baby camera while keeping a watchful eye on your toddler.

Besides, this device also helps you change the viewing angle and area under coverage according to your own choice and preference.

You can further add random Arlo devices to the same system and ensure keeping track of all the activities and happenings within your kid’s room.

Bottom line for How to set up Arlo Baby camera

Arlo baby camera can be termed as the best device to track and monitor your kid’s activity and gestures.

Besides, it helps you stay updated regarding any unwanted movement or motion in its proximity.

Hence, if you are too busy with your work and schedule and cannot always stay around your kid, the Arlo Baby camera can be deemed a perfect investment in the same respect.

And yes, you can set it up easily by following the above-mentioned guidelines and instructions.

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