Ring Security Cameras | Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Are Ring cameras secure?

A. Ring cameras are secured to an extent but still exposed to all the random threats like hacking and snooping. Now, this is where you need to take care of a few things – pay attention to your Wi-Fi security and always try to keep a strong password for your security system

Q2. Do ring security cameras require a subscription?

A. Most of the Ring devices can operate without any additional charge or subscription. Still, the company offers specific Ring video recording plans that demand a monthly fee or annual subscription from the users.

Q3. How long does the battery last on the ring security camera?

A. The battery in Ring security cameras generally lasts for around 6- 12 months, depending upon the device you have purchased. A quick-release battery powers the security cameras and further contain a mini USB charging port.

Q4. How to turn off a ring security camera?

A. To turn off the Ring device, you have to select the Ring device in the Ring app and then follow the process mentioned below.

Device settings >motion settings>motion zones >motion wizard> motion settings. Tap the zones to turn off the device.

Q5. Does the Ring security camera record?

A. Yes, the Ring security cameras do record the videos. Still, you have to subscribe to their video recording plans to get the best benefit out of the service.

While subscribing to their video recording plans, you can save all your videos to your Ring account for up to 60 days. Furthermore, you can download the same videos to review them at your convenience.

Q6. How much data does the Ring security camera use?

A. To check the data usage by the Ring security cameras, you have to check the videos recorded and saved to the cloud by the device. Furthermore, the company has added a unique feature in the device that takes a snapshot every next moment.

If you want to save data, turn that feature off. Moreover, the average data usage of a ring security camera is 1.25GB( Depending upon the device and the internet speed of your broadband connection).

Q7. Where can I buy Ring security cameras?

A. You can buy it from the manufacturer’s official website or your favorite online shopping store.

Q8. Which Ring security camera is best?

A. Every Ring security camera comes with its own set of features and specifications and works according to your needs and preferences. Still, you can check the below list to find the best Ring security cameras as per their ratings and reviews by the users.

  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Solar
  • Ring Floodlight Cam
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Wired
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

Q9. Are Ring security cameras safe?

All of the Ring devices come with some exceptional safety features to safeguard your assets and belongings. Still, you have to take care of certain factors during their usage, and the same are listed below.

  • Position the security camera at the right height to cover a broader area under surveillance.
  • Remove all kinds of objects made of wood, metal, glass, cement, or plastic that are coming in the way of the security camera and the receiver. This needs to be done to strengthen the video signals sent by the camera to the receiver.
  • Install the security camera in a place so that it cannot be stolen or vandalized by burglars or thieves.
  • Protect your Ring security device with a strong password so that it cannot be hacked or snooped into by anyone else.

Q10. Does Ring security camera record 24 x7?

A. ‘Ring’ has recently launched a Ring’s 24 X7 recording feature to enable all users to round-the-clock video recording with their security camera devices. Still, the features carry a monthly and annual subscription with the name of the Ring Protect plan.

On the other side, the company is still planning to roll out this feature for discounted charges in the coming times to benefit a larger group of users.

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