How to Connect to Router Without Modem

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How to Connect to Router Without Modem – Getting Started

Routers do not need modems to communicate with computers. The main job of a router is to:

  • Connect with your endpoints wired or wirelessly (PC, tablet, etc) by assigning them IP addresses (local IP)
  • Enable your devices to connect.

Modems are on the other hand are for connecting your router and other endpoints to a broadband network.

You don’t always need a modem to connect a router but you need a modem to connect to the internet.

Recommended steps for how to connect router without modem

Step 1. Establishing all the basic connections

Before going any further with the entire router setup process, you first need to power on the whole bunch of devices in use.

Now, you first need to plug off the router and let it power off completely. Besides, you also need to connect the modem to the router’s Internet port via a high-quality Ethernet cable.

Additionally, the computer must be connected to the router while using another Ethernet cable( plugged into the LAN ports of the router).

As you are using the computer, switch, and modem, try connecting them to a nearby power source to initiate the router setup process.

Wait until the light on each of these devices turns green. As the light on these devices turns green, you can jump on to the next step regarding how to connect the router without a modem.

Step 2. Securing the IP address

How To Connect Router Without Modem - IP Address

How To Connect Router Without Modem – IP Address

To secure the IP address you first need to open the Command prompt and type ‘ipconfig’. Once you type that, the system will prompt you with the IP address.

The same information is generally available on the router package and you can either connect with the manufacturer’s customer care in the same respect.

Once you have procured the IP address of the router, you can now see every single detail regarding its built, features and configuration.

Note down these details somewhere and avoid sharing with a third party.

Step 3. Configuring the router

How To Connect Router Without Modem - Configuring router

How To Connect Router Without Modem – Configuring router

Open the web browser on your system and type the IP address in the provided address bar.

Once you type in, tap on the Enter button and you will be directed to the page showing router settings. You then need to enter the required credentials i.e Username and Password.

The same details are mentioned on the packaging of the router or you can check it with your ISP( Internet Service Provider).

Please note that these details are case sensitive so go by the same task with utmost care and attention.

In case you face issues regarding the login, try performing a factory reset to completely reset your router to default settings.

Once you do that, go to the router’s Set up wizard. Tap on Next and you will be directed to another window prompting ‘ If you want to detect the type of Internet connection’.

Check the box next to Yes and then tap on the Next button. The system will now detect the Internet connection so you have to wait for a few minutes to let the process finish up.

Finally, you will be directed to a page showing all the configurations related to the Internet connection and you can now test the Internet connectivity by selecting the required option.

Your router has now been successfully connected to the Internet.

You can now easily connect to the Internet while using the new router settings.

Moreover, you can now plug off the modem and the computer and try rebooting the system and the router to work along with the newly assigned IP address and settings.

Points to ponder regarding how to connect router without modem

In case the router is not establishing a connection with the Internet even after following the abovementioned process, try disabling the firewalls.

Further, check all the parental control applications in your system if you face issues accessing the router login page.

If both the checks don’t bring any success, try using a different browser or contact the customer care team of the router’s manufacturer

Bottom-line for how to connect router without modem

It sometimes gets tricky to understand the whole process if you are not much into technology and networking. Consult a specialist in that case or simply buy a router from the market that comes with a modem inbuilt.

Additionally, using a modem along with the router facilitates the user with an extra layer of security and protection from all external threats like hackers and snoopers.

Hence, one must decide in the same respect after considering all the facts and elements.

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