Where to Put Wifi Router? Top 5 Places for Maximum Speed

Where to Put Wifi RouterWhere to Put Wifi Router

Where to Put Wifi Router?

Whether you have just moved to a new home or you are rearranging your current house, the placement of your wireless router matters a lot.

When it comes to where to put a Wi-Fi router, you must be careful because you can either get top-speed internet or a very slow and unreliable connection.

For this reason, you must find the best place to put your router for optimal internet access.

If you have limited space, you may be tempted to place it anywhere you see extra space. If you are lucky, you may have a reliable internet connection, but the internet tends to be slow in most cases.

So, to get the best quality and reliability from your broadband connection, make sure you select the best places to place the router.

Select locations with minimum interference to improve the stability of the internet. The following tips will be handy when installing your Wi-Fi router in your home.

1. Select a central location

Moving your router does not guarantee internet stability. However, to get an optimal connection, try to place it in a central place.

Ideally, routers send signals in all directions, so if you put it in one corner, the rest of the house will have an unstable connection. To optimize the signal and improve the connection’s stability, move the router to the center of your room.

Although it may be challenging to install your router across your home from the modem, the improved stability and reliability of the signal will be worth the hassle.

So, do not look at the technicalities but focus on the results. You won’t have to deal with cables or multiple devices if you go with one of these modem router combos

You need to place the router centrally to prevent other people from accessing your Wi-Fi.

When placed in the center of your house, other devices from outside may not be able to pick up the signal. So, your Wi-Fi connection is less likely to be compromised.

2. Try raising the router

If your internet connection has slowed down, and you are wondering where to put a Wi-Fi router, you could try raising it for improved quality.

Usually, routers send their signals downwards. If you mount it in a lower place, you will tamper with the way the router works.

So, try to mount it in a higher place but avoid walls as much as you can. This is because thick walls tend to absorb wireless signals and significantly reduce your connection’s quality.

The best place to place the router is near open doors to give the broadband signal unobstructed passage. This way, the rest of the rooms will get reliable signals as well.

3. Adjust your router’s antennae

Most wireless routers come with adjustable antennas. So, if you realize your connection is no longer stable, you could try to adjust the router’s antenna until you improve the stability of the connection. 

However, most people with multi-stored homes usually wonder where to put a Wi-Fi router.

If you are installing the router on a multi-storied house, you can the router upstairs, and turn the router’s antenna sideways.

This will improve connections across different floors. If you have placed the router on your ground floor, turning the antenna upwards will improve your signal reception.

4. Avoid other electronic and large metal objects

Usually, electronics tend to crowd the channel of your router and compromise the connection.

Therefore, when installing your new wireless router, try to avoid electronics such as wireless phones, radios, and even your television and microwave. The microwave is especially problematic as it emits strong signals in the same band your wireless router uses.

Therefore, it will create a significant barrier and reduce the signals of your broadband.

Walls, large objects, and electronics will undoubtedly crowd your connection. So, to optimize your connection, keep everything out of the way. Also, do not place the router on the floor because the signal will be immediately absorbed in the ground.

5. Check the signal strength

Checking your signal’s strength is paramount, as it will help you know what to improve. Walk around your house checking how strong the signal is in every room. Also, try to map the signal so that you can see where the gaps are.

After successfully inspecting your router’s strength, you can either be satisfied with the installation and connection, or you will need to adjust the router. If you have to adjust your router, you will do a better job because you will know where the problem is.

Installing a Wi-Fi router successfully needs patience as you may need to adjust it several times until you find the best position.

If you have kids and pets, make sure you check out the router’s parental controls before you install it. If you are looking for where to put a Wi-Fi router, the tips listed above will be of great help.

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