How to Play Apple Music on Google Home

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How do you play Apple Music on Google Home? – Overview

Initially, Apple Music was designed to function primarily within the Apple ecosystem. Fortunately, those days are long gone, and Apple has decided to extend its music streaming platform to the Amazon Echo and, recently, to the Google Home range of devices.

Whether you have an old Google Home or the newer Google speakers branded ‘Nest,’ it’s now possible to stream Apple Music. Today, Google Home also works with other music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and YouTube Music.

If you are in a country where the Apple Music update hasn’t been rolled out on Google Home speakers, you can still link your smart speaker to your tablet or phone and stream from Apple Music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

With Apple Music’s extensive catalog now accessible on Google Home devices, how do you set it up? Don’t worry; this will be a detailed review with all the steps to configure your Google Home with Apple Music. Also, we will see how to play any Apple Music tracks without limits.

How Do You Configure Apple Music On the Google Home App?

Begin by downloading the Google Home App from the Play Store if you use an Android phone or from the App Store if you are using an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account

How to Play Apple Music On Google Home

After setting up your Google Home device, open the Google Home app and tap the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner.

Scroll down to the ‘add services’ button and tap on it.

You will see the ‘music’ button; tap on it.

Scroll down, and you will see the ‘more music services’ button

In the music service selection, find Apple Music among the options, and tap on it to initiate the ‘Link Account’ process.

How to Play Apple Music On Google Home

At this point, you will need to log in to Apple Music using your Apple ID. Ensure you log in with the Apple ID you use on your iPhone or iPad for Apple Music, iTunes, and the App Store. This may be a different account from the one used in iCloud.

Once you have logged in and selected to enable access in Google Home, Apple Music will climb up to the list of your active music platforms. You can even set Apple Music as your default music service. If no other music service is recognized, it will become the default.

How to Play Apple Music On Google Home

How to Play Apple Music On Google Home

How Do You Get the Music to Play?

For example, say, ‘Hey Google, play my workout playlist on Apple Music,’ and your Google Home will start playing the specified playlist from Apple Music.

Although there is a slight pause between the speaker processing your command and starting to play your tracks, it’s practically seamless. In addition, once a track begins to play, you can manually control it with the Google Home App.

Simply launch the app and on the home screen, tap the media button and then you can opt to play, pause, stop, fast forward or skip a track. In addition, you can adjust the volume or direct the music to play on another Google Home speaker or any Chromecast-enabled device.

How Do You Set Apple Music as Your Default Music Platform On Google Home?

If you don’t want to specify tracks to be played on Apple Music each time you want to play music, you can configure Apple Music as the default music platform on your Google Home. After doing this, any music you prompt the speaker to play will be from Apple Music.

If you want your Google Home to play music from other streaming platforms such as Deezer and Spotify when Apple Music is the default, specify this as you give the command on which track you want to play.

The process of setting Apple Music as the default music platform on Google Home includes:

  1. Launch the Google Home App on your Android device, iPad, or iPhone
  2. Tap on settings

  • Tap on Music
  • Then Tap on the Apple Music icon
  • Now Apple Music has become your default music streaming service

Note: Should you encounter issues linking Apple Music directly, an alternative is to connect your smartphone to Google Home via Bluetooth and stream Apple Music that way.

Final Thought

As of recent updates, Apple Music’s integration with Google Home devices represents a significant step towards cross-platform service compatibility, offering users more flexibility in their music streaming choices.

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