How to Fix “Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini”

How to Fix "Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini"How to Fix "Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini"

10 Solutions for “Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini”

Thanks to the Google Assistant AI (artificial intelligence) platform, Google has some of the best and most dependable smart speakers. However, as reliable as these smart speakers from Google are, they occasionally run into issues causing malfunctions.

It’s really frustrating if your Google Home smart speaker is not responding properly or having a communication issue in general. Communication issues are likely to cause the Google home app to give error texts such as “Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini.”

For instance, the Wi-Fi modem or router could experience issues broadcasting signals to the smart speaker because of wrong settings. Let’s look at some of the measures you can take to fix your Google home mini smart speaker in case it malfunctions.

What Causes This Problem?

The hardware and software problems of the smart device you’re trying to connect to Google Home mini cause this problem. For instance, if it’s your smartphone maybe it isn’t compatible with the Home app or the app is outdated.

On the other hand, maybe your WiFi router isn’t configured to connect to your home mini. How is this possible? Some routers have multiple frequency bands so it’s important that you ensure your home mini is connected to all of them.

How to Fix the Problem

Restart Everything

If your Google Home App cannot link to your smart speaker, try restarting the speaker. You can also disconnect the device from the socket and wait for about a minute before plugging it back in. Of course, you could also restart your phone and all other network gadgets.

How to Fix "Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini"

Ensure Your Devices Meet the Minimum Software Requirements

If you are trying to set up your Google smart speaker, ensure the tablet or smartphone runs Android 6 and 5 or later, respectively. Google smart speakers can also be configured on iOS; therefore, ensure your iPhone or iPad runs iOS 11 or later.

Ensure All Accessories Are Original

The Google smart speaker lineup doesn’t ship with a lot of accessories. Still, you should confirm all accessories you use on these devices are from the manufacturer and, in this case, Google to avoid running into problems.

Confirm Your Wi-Fi Signal Range

A majority of connection problems stem from a poor Wi-Fi connection. First, confirm you have a good signal where you intend to place the Google Home Mini. If not, you can move the smart speaker closer to the router or place a Wi-Fi range extender next to the speaker.

Check for Updates On the Google Home App

To set up a Google Home smart speaker, you must have the Google Home app installed on your iOS or Android device. Then, if a connection to your smart speaker happens, check if your Google Home App has any updates and install them.

Enable Bluetooth On Your Smartphone

Another measure you can implement is enabling Bluetooth on your smartphone. Begin by restarting the smart speaker then enabling Bluetooth in settings. Then launch the Google Home App and try connecting to the Google Home Mini.

How to Fix "Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini"

Enable Airplane Mode On Your Smartphone

Some forums have reported that turning on Airplane mode and then turning on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone can fix connection issues with your Google Home smart speaker.

Forget Wi-Fi Connection

Forgetting the Wi-Fi connection of the smart speaker in the Google Home App and configuring it again can help fix the connection issue. But in order to do that:

  • Start by launching the Google Home App.
  • Find the smart speaker on the App and click on it.
  • Click on the setting icon.
  • Proceed to forget the Wi-Fi connection.

Check The Linked Google Account

If you’re having communication issues with your Google Home Mini, it could be because of a faulty Google account. So ensure that the account in the Google Home App is the same one that was used to set up the smart speaker.

Check for Wi-Fi Limits

Does your router limit the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi simultaneously? If so, remove some of the devices on your Wi-Fi link and then try to connect to your Google Home Mini to see if the problem is fixed.

Reset your Google Home

The last step you should take to correct communication issues on your Google Home Mini smart speaker is resetting the speaker if all other measures fail to work. To do this, press and hold the tiny button found on the bottom of the speaker for about 15 seconds. After that, the smart speaker will notify you that it is commencing the reset procedure.

How to Fix “Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini”

Final Thought

To sum it all up, you can quickly solve the “Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini ” error by following the troubleshooting tips listed above. These are surefire tips recommended by Google itself.

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