How to Order from the Canon EOS Rebel T7/2000D Camera Menus?

How to Order from the Canon EOS Rebel Menu

There aren’t many Canon flip screen DSLR cameras around, whose settings can be adjusted using the external controls and the buttons.

To gain access to all the other options, you will need to press the menu button.

So, to help you better, we have full details of the menu guide of the Canon vlogging camera EOS Rebel T7/2000D which will assist you in understanding the full functioning of the Canon EOS Rebel T7 / 2000D.

The basic Menu of the Canon EOS Rebel T7/2000D

The entire Menu of the Canon EOS Rebel T7 / 2000D is categorized in various sections, and each of them has its respective labels.

The icons which signify the menus have different color codes. For instance, the shooting menu is coded with red color, and the playback menu is coded with blue icons.

Whereas the setup menu is coded with the gold color and the My Menu section is coded with the green color on the canon flip screen DSLR EOS Rebel T7/2000D.

The number of dots which are located right above the icons signifies the menu number in which one dot signifies the Menu and the two dots signifies the Shooting Menu which is Menu 2.

The highlighted part of the icons signifies the active Menu. The Menu appears automatically right on the primary part of the screen.

If you want to display the entire Menu, you will need to set the Mode dial on either Av, Tv, P or M.

On any other modes, you will find that only a small portion of the Menu is displayed as in the other modes, you have limited control over the settings of the camera.

Moreover, when you set your camera o movie mode, you will find that you have been provided with either three or four shooting options which are being replaced by the Movie menus which are the various movie recording options.

There is a limited version of the Shooting Menu 1 as it is jarred to the room to make some space for the Movie Menus. The menu Icon on the movie menu changes instantly to the Movie menus.

The movie menu of the Canon vlogging camera EOS Rebel T7/2000D icons changes to a movie-camera symbol, which indicates the shift, and the My menu icon disappears.

To navigate through the menus, you can either rotate the main dial, or you can press the right or left keys.

And after you land on the menu option, you can press the down button or up button to highlight any of the features and then press on Ok/set to select it.

After that, you can press the set button one more time for displaying the entire available options. You can even utilize the keys for selecting a setting, and then you can press the set button again.

Right after you are done choosing the right options, you can either press the menu button, or you can also half-press the shutter button and release it.

How to navigate the custom functions of the Canon EOS Rebel T7/2000D?

On the Setup menu 3, you will find that there is a Custom Functions option that is available only for certain modes, which are Tv, Av, P, and M modes.

This Menu contains the entire advance settings. The Custom functions are categorized into four sections, which are Exposure, Autofocus/Drive, Image, and Operations.

The blue text signifies the current settings while the default setting is represented by 0.

To scroll through the custom function, you can use the navigation key.

After you have reached the desired settings which you want to adjust, you can press the set button which will activate the setting.

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