How to Operate Keychain Spy Camera?

How to Operate Keychain Spy CameraHow to Operate Keychain Spy Camera

How to Operate a Keychain Spy Camera? – Overview

However, owning a keychain spy camera doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to operate it; this is what we will cover in this article.

Keychain spy cameras can be used for capturing photographs, video recording and further sharing the data via the inbuilt microSD cards.

Remember that you cannot simply use a keychain spy camera for everything, as strict regulations protect the privacy of private citizens. So make sure you keep yourself up to date with all legal binding.

General contents in a Keychain spy camera package

• Keyring ( with inbuilt spy cam)
• MicroSD card
• USB cable
• Driver CD
• User Manual

Recommended steps regarding how to operate the Keychain spy camera

Step 1. Getting started

The first thing you need to do before putting this Keychain spy camera to use is charge the battery. Please charge the battery fully by connecting the device to a power adaptor or computer via a provided USB cable.

The battery may take 3-4 hours for a full charge ( depending on your device model).

Few keychain spy camera models provide LED charging lights that start blinking once the battery is charged.

The LED light will go out when the battery is fully charged. Afterward, insert the microSD card into the provided slot carefully. Once done, press the power button for a few seconds until the LED lights appear.

You then need to set up the date and time on the device, which will help you keep track of the captured videos and images. Setting the date and time in the keychain spy camera requires some effort.

You must first connect the device via a USB cable to a PC or laptop. Afterward, run the software in the smart device’s driver CD.

Once done, go to the software and make the necessary date and time changes. Afterward, log out from the software and disconnect the device from the computer.

The time and date will be timed for all the captured images and videos. So, you can easily keep a log of the same data when and wherever required.

Step 2. Capturing the required photos and videos

To capture the desired video from the keychain spy camera, point the spycam toward the subject. Be careful with the act so that the subject cannot trace the usage of a spy cam.

Tap on the Function button provided on the device and it will come up with a blinking LED light, confirming its functioning.

The status LED light will blink again, affirming that the photo has been successfully saved into the microSD card. Your device is now ready for another shot.

In case you want to capture the videos, keep pressing the function button for around 2-3 seconds ( depending on the device model you are using) while pointing it towards the subject.

The status LED will start blinking, confirming capturing the desired video.

Once you’re done with the recording process, press the function button again until the status LED lights come up.

This will confirm that the video recording has stopped and the desired video has been saved in the memory card. Your keychain spy camera is now ready to make another video.

Step 3. Viewing the captured videos and photos

If you want to view all the captured video recordings and photos, you first need to connect the device to a computer or a smart device while using the USB cable.

You can also take out the microSD card from the keychain spy cam and use the card reader to read out all the data from it.

In case you want to delete the recordings and images, use the same method. Please note that the process cannot be undone, so you must be careful when selecting the deleted media.

The bottom line for how to operate keychain spy camera

The steps mentioned above can help you with the standard functioning of a keychain spy camera.

Please refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s official website for further assistance.

Also, let us know in the comments section if you want us to come up with some more ‘How to’ posts regarding your favorite spy cams and gadgets.

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