How to Detect Spy Camera?

How to Detect Spy CameraHow to Detect Spy Camera

How to Detect Spy Camera? – Getting Started

Spy cameras (if not used responsibly) can breach someone’s privacy. The majority of criminals get away with spying on others as detecting a spy camera at a random hotel room, changing room, your own house or any other sensitive area isn’t easy.

Especially if you are not even expecting one.

So, is there an easy way to check or detect whether someone is snooping into your private zone? There are some easy methods of detecting a spy camera.

Firstly, if you suspect someone is spying on you make sure you don’t give anything away until you find the camera (physical or verbal).

Recommended methods for how to detect Spy camera

How to Detect Spy Camera

How to Detect Spy Camera – Recommended methods

Method 1. Scanning your surroundings carefully

Before you go any further with your efforts regarding how to detect a Spy camera, you first need to check and scan the surrounding environment carefully.

The scanning must not be general and you must ensure checking every inch while scrutinizing all the obvious spots of the Spy camera.

The list may include certain common household objects like wall sockets, tissue boxes, wall décor, teddy bears, electrical outlets, wall clocks, digital TV boxes, and so on.

Besides, there is every chance of a hidden Spy camera on the random door holes, house plants and doorbells.

Now, while you are carrying out the Spy camera detection process, you must check for all the suspicious lights, lenses, or wires that can take you to the hidden Spy cameras.

The search must also include looking for all the unusual power adapters or power outlets around. Make certain gestures or walk around the room to check for the hidden motion-sensing Spy cameras within your surroundings.

Method 2. Turning off the lights to detect night Spy cameras

Some of the hotel rooms and Airbnb may come up with certain night Spy cameras that may work properly even in the dark surroundings. You can use the mechanism of a night vision security camera to locate all such hidden Spy cameras within your room.

Most of these night Spy cameras come up with a red or green LED light. The same light blinks after detecting any low light conditions around.

This is to supplement the functioning of the night Spy camera with some light during the dark surroundings.

To start ahead, turn off the light and draw all the curtains within the room. Check whether you can see any blinking green or red LED light in the room.

Regardless of whether the camera is a wired Spy camera or a wireless Spy camera, you can use this trick to detect its location in your surroundings.

Method 3. Using your smartphone

You can also use your smartphone to detect spy cameras within your surroundings. To start with the process, you first need to make a phone call to a random friend or a family person.

While you do that, keep walking around the room as most of the spy cameras interfere with the frequency of your phone call signal.

If you detect any kind of signal interference within the specified location, stop and check your surroundings carefully to locate a Spy camera around.

You can also install certain apps on your iOS or Android device that can help you to detect random Spy cameras within your surroundings.

Most of these apps will come up with a red glow once your smartphone comes to the close proximity of a Spy camera.

You must also note that the same light will glow when comes in contact with random hardware or devices with radiofrequency.

Method 4. Using the flashlight of your smartphone

You can also use the flashlight of your smartphone to detect the Spy cameras within your vicinity. This trick works best in low light and dark conditions.

Initially, turn on the flashlight of your smartphone and simultaneously turn off the room lights.

Now gently roam around the room while putting the flashlight to random objects and devices. Now, stop and look around if you come across any suspicious reflection from any object or device within the room.

This way, you can easily locate the hidden Spy cameras in the room that were otherwise getting unnoticed during your stay. This comes as one of the easiest and straightforward methods of detecting a Spy camera around.

Bottom-line for how to detect Spy camera

Detecting a Spy camera around isn’t an easy task in hand. So, you must go ahead with the utmost focus and determination in the same respect, while using the methods mentioned above. Besides, you can also buy random Spy camera detection devices available in the market.

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